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Cleansing the vagina after intercourse
lmj1216 posted:
I have a paraguard and my boyfriend likes to cum inside of me. Is there a much safer way of removing ALL of the semen besides letting your vagina do the cleaning itself? Normally go to the bathroom afterwards...but not all of it comes out.
Elle0317 responded:
Sorry, but gravity is the only way. Douching is very unhealthy as it can cause harmful bacteria to pushed farther up the vagina.
alaska_mommy responded:
If you have a paraguard, there's no need to worry about getting all of it out. You already are covered for birth control, so why worry? Unless you just don't like the feel/idea of it in there...
110850 responded:
I have the same situation with my boyfriend, I don't like it in me after the fact and I want to know whats the best healthiest cleanliest way to remove all of it . After sex I always go to the bathroom and get a wash cloth and clean down there but it doesn't get everything, later on it starts to smell down there. It makes me very self conscious.
Elle0317 replied to 110850's response:
As stated above gravity and time will take care of it. Just wait for all the semen to finish running out then throughly clean your vagina. This happens to all women who allow their partner to ejaculate inside them, so unless you insist he wears a condom, you will have to learn to deal with his semen.

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