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Jock itch? rash? not sure...
Crosbys_Girl posted:
My boyfriend has I guess what you would call a rash right where his thigh meets his testicals on the one side. I hesitate to call it a rash because it doesn't really look like one and hasn't spread at all. It's just a red line where the area meets, he says it hurts and burns but doesn't itch. Theres no bumbs or blisters around the area either. At first I thought maybe it was jock itch but it doesn't fit the description. I don't know if it would be some kind of STD or what it is. It happened to him before but went away after a day or two. I was just hoping that someone would be able to give me an idea about what it is and how to treat it.
An_215278 responded:
Probably a yeast infection. Try an OTC cream for yeast, keep it clean and DRY. It might be a good idea for him to go commando (or naked when at home) this weekend to help clear it up.
queston responded:
It could be simple chafe: I backpack and this is a common complaint among backpackers, for example (due to the combination of lots of sweating, constant walking, and no showering.)

Has he recently done some high-output physical activity?

Wearing a different brand or style of underwear (which will not rub in exactly the same places) usually helps this clear up.
tmlmtlrl responded:
I would apply Bag balm at night and use talcom powder during the day. My son has had similar issues playing sports and this does the trick. Both things should bring fast relief.
Crosbys_Girl replied to An_215278's response:
I had a yeast infection about a month ago and we did have sex right before I realized I had it. I didn't know that guys could get yeast infections too. So that could be it I guess.
Crosbys_Girl replied to queston's response:
He works unloading trucks at a retail store and putting away the frieght, he's constantly moving boxes and pulling pallets so thats also a possiility. He talked to a fried he works with and the friend said the same thing happened to him before too. It seems to be clearing up, he's been wearing some loser fitting shorts too.
longduckdong46 replied to Crosbys_Girl's response:
I tend to believe it is a yeast infection, by the way you described it and the location.
I usually get them throughout the Summer months, and they are irritating.

I use a prescribed cream which clears it up very fast, and just a little powder after showering.
Karen Luster, MD responded:
Men tend not to get yeast infections they way women can. If they do get one it will not go away on its own. He would need to use an antifungal medication for it to go away. What is common is irritation from moisture for men and women. Since he does a lot on manual labor that results in sweating, keeping the area dry is the best treatment. People use things from baby power to zinc oxide which is the major ingredient found in diaper rash cream. I find that this works well for most people.
_Sailor_ replied to Karen Luster, MD's response:
Heat Rash (Diaper Rash) is more likely than a yeast infection, and like the Doc ordered, keep the area dry, and apply talc powder or diaper rash cream. Should clear up in a day or two.

Could be a fungal infection like ring-worm too, so an anti-fungal powder would work if keeping it dry doesn't work.

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