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What are the erogenous zones for women?
topflight88 posted:
I have heard that there are so many places to touch a woman, for her to get turned on. I understand very knowlingly that ALL women are different and all women respond differently to different things. I am a 23 year old female. Been married for four years, and our sex life is still wonderful. I am just curious about these erogenous zones. There are nights I am so tired it takes a little bit to get turned on. For the most part my Husband knows what to do, but I have had trouble expressing to him that the same thing over and over again isn't going to make me wet in 30 seconds, like when we were 18. We usually start with foreplay, but his foreplay for me consists of him rubbing my vaginal region in the same patterns and same consistency he always has. If I know its just not gonna do it for me I will tell him flat out, "Use your imagination". Thats my favorite one to say. Because it doesn't point out that I am not interested in what he is doing, but tells him "Use my body". Once we start having sex, I usually always orgasm one way or another. And I get very into it, but if we don't do the right things it makes it very uncomfortable for me for the first little bit. I know there are no set turn-on places for an individual, and any place on the body can be a turn-on when touched the right way. I guess I am asking how and what other women like, or what husbands know works. Any advice is welcome.
An_215288 responded:
gently direct him on what you want. Have him kiss your neck and let him know how good it feels, have him suck your breasts, nibble your ear, massage your back, go down on you, etc and let him know what works. go from head to toe!
alaska_mommy responded:
What I like to do when my husband is giving me oral is to help things along by either tracing my fingers along the inside of my thighs or breasts. Tthat helps enhance the experience and heighten awareness. Something that helps if he is doing too much action on the clitoral area and it just starts to be uncomfortable, is I'll ask him to give it a smack. Just a few gentle smacks with the hand can sort of "reset" and heighten the sensations there when he goes back to it.
MissChooChoo responded:
Don't forget to tell him that foreplay, for a woman, starts at the beginning of the day in how you kiss good morning, or what he says he's planning on doing to you in the evening (or what he says he would like you to do). You could actually ask for him to tell you, and when you visualize that all day, you'll be ready by evening. I liked to put little notes in his lunch, telling him what I'd like in foreplay and sex later. Also, be careful of how you ask for him to touch you -- a phrase that sounds harmless to us could sound sarcastic to him (a total turnoff for him). My husband used to get so wound up that foreplay for him was like saying "brace yourself", so I gently led his fingers around my body and told him exactly how I liked to be touched. They can't read our minds -- they really do want to know exactly how and where. For us women, sometimes that is hard to do because it sounds so carnal and to the point -- we want it all butterflies and flowery (I guess that's why some of the sex toys are pink with glitter), but try to think like a man thinks sometimes and let sex be honest. Hope this helps a little.

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