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Is sex necessary?
An_215296 posted:
Hopefully this doesn't require a philosophical kind of an answer or a long complex one, but I am wondering if we really need sex in our lives, what good does it do, does it actually cure anything, do we have pigments because we do not have sex, do our hormones require us to have it every now and then? Thanks.
Jaimarie_109 responded:
I honestly dont think its necessary, but by us being humans, we feel like we have to have sex, to stop the urges we get from wanting to have sex. Which is a normal things we go through. So by that being said, maybe it necessary dor some, and it may not be for others.....but for me, yeah it is, cause I love it, and cant get enough of :-)
Elle0317 responded:
If you don't want children, then it becomes more a really enjoyable hobby. It brings you closer to your mate, physically and emtionally, assuming the sex is within a committed relationship. It can help reduce stress and orgasm releases the feel good hormones, and gives you a feeling of contentment.
bob249 responded:
Most believe humans are the most evolved specie,

but we are still animals.

Procreation is primal.
Not as high as food and water,
but pretty high.
Oh, and procreation is most often accomplished by sex.

We can debate that sex wastes time and money, causes fights, is the leading cause of divorce, etc...
but it is still primal.

If someone believing sex is unnecessary chooses to have a partner, it is highly recommended the partner be like-minded.
_Sailor_ responded:
You really don't need it.... However if you want to live 6-10 years longer and enjoy the following benefits you may want to reconsider having sex 3-5 times per week:

· Reduce the chance of heart attack by 50%
· Burn an additional 7500 calories per year (equivalent to jogging an additional 75 miles)
· Conditions muscles vital to good posture, straighter back, toned thighs, and flatter tummies
· Relieves body pain, including headaches naturally without any medications
· Provides better bone density reducing osteoporosis development
· Improves mood similar to that of a 'runner's high' for many hours
· May be a natural antidepressant without the use of medicines
· High blood pressure can be cured (again without medicines)
· Lowers the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy
· Reduces the incidents of strokes by 50%
· Prevents/reduces the chance for certain cancers
· Lowers bad cholesterol
· Provides more supple skin providing a natural younger look
[to be continued...>
_Sailor_ responded:
· Improves oxygen flow to the brain increasing your intelligence quotient
· Reduce certain physiological dysfunction by 50% or more
· Lose weight
· Relieves stress
· Increase happiness
· Enhance subsequent athletic performance the following day(s)
· Improves self-confidence
· Reduces self-consciousness
· Reduce your chance of catching colds and flu by naturally boosting IgA
· Makes you feel younger
· Increase your energy levels to do more
· And more emotional benefits
Need I say any more?
Rhondamay replied to _Sailor_'s response:
.....besides all that it feels good and is fun!
Jumper197074857 responded:
For some people, they do "require" sex. To them it's the physical and emotional bond they seek with their partner that, for them is only achieved thru sex.
bob249 replied to _Sailor_'s response:
I have high cholesterol

Am overweight

Could use more energy
Maybe I should try this "treatment"

Old Grumpy
alaska_mommy replied to bob249's response:
Doctor's orders, you know...every woman needs a little Dicken's Cider!
MissChooChoo replied to _Sailor_'s response:
I can attest to the fact that we are physically and emotionally much better with sex. I hadn't experienced it for 30 years, and am now on track again. I feel so much more alive and stronger every day. It feels like my body is whole again!
dapeak replied to bob249's response:
Allright, i agree that sex is primal, but we as more advanced humans can discipline ourselves to live a celibate life if we so desire. My question is how does sex cause divorce? i don't understand how people in a covenant who have sex frequently can have problems with sex that cause divorce. enlighten me!
EngineeringStudentAM responded:
The way I look at it is this: sex is not necessary for survival, but neither are healthy food or exercise, 2 things that I consider to be VERY necessary, and I see sex as being just as necessary for an overall healthy lifestyle, even if it's just masturbation. There are certainly benefits to the active part of sex, but the orgasm part alone has many health benefits and relaeses certain chemicals in the brain. I think at least one of those chemicals is specific to orgasm, while others are produced by other activities, not just orgasm. As far as our hormones requiring it, I can't say for sure but it seems to me that our hormones require it only as much as they require other healthy habits.
alaska_mommy replied to dapeak's response:
I think what bob249 is talking about is more along the lines of a committed relationship where one of the partners is refusing or withholding sex from the other on a long-term basis.
kiwi2kaz replied to MissChooChoo's response:
I agree with Sailor apart from the osteo being early 50's, I've alway had sex at least 2 times a week til just over a year ago afer a C4/5 operation. Then I went solo in many ways as I was so depressed, in pain etc. Til 5mths ago, met a reasonable guy, first 2mths, sex every night,and those two months I felt 90% better all over, lost the weight I'd put on the previous year, everything Sailor said except the osteo. Then the last mth and a half, we barely have it once a week, he's gone stale and I've started to feel more pain, depressed again etc. Shoulder/neck pain, osteo in hands/legs/ I agree, one might not need it, but by god its one of the best natural remedies in life if performed correctly and with the right person....

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