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Painful sex and hip pain history
jerseylove12 posted:
I've recently started to see a guy who is very much into sex. It's not overly rough, even though at times it can be. However, even before I was seeing him, sex has always been painful. Now, it's just getting worse. I've had a history of hip pain, especially when rotating my hips and leaving them in that position, ie sitting "indian" style or duringog sex. I was told to lose weight, and well I lost almost 70 pounds and not only has the hip pain gotten worse, but sex has gone from uncomfortable to straight painful. Sorry for being graphic, but in the beginning of sex when he tries to get inside me it hurts, almost like theres nowhere to go, and i feel him pressing up against my hip bones. But afterwards, my hips hurt and feel weak, and my vagina still hurts and even burns and i feel like a pinching sensation.

So I'm asking, can the two things be related? and what can I do about it? I've been meaning to make an appointment about my hips with my orthopedic, but I just haven't had a day off in a long time. Should this also be something I should see an OB/GYN about? I feel like I already know the answer, but I'm nervous to go because my mother is an OB/GYN so for the most part I complain to her and she gives me free birth control. I've never actually had an office visit and I feel like I'm way overdo.
MissChooChoo responded:
Please see a doctor as soon as possible. I'm not an expert by any means, but it sounds like your hip and vaginal pain could be related, or they could be two separate problems. There could be referred pain from the hips to the vagina, or the vagina to the hips I suppose. There could be something like fibroids, adhesions, endometriosis, a prolapsed uterus, or something else that is being pressed upon from the thrusting. And the burning, hurting, and feeling that "there's no where to go" at the beginning of sex could be vaginal spasms (vaginismus). If you see an orthopedic doctor, please be sure to mention the type of pain you're having with sex also -- don't be embarrassed -- he/she needs to know so they can make a correct diagnosis, or so they can refer you to a specialist. Please get it checked out. Good luck, and I hope this info helped.

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