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    premaritial sex
    darktemptation posted:
    Do women actually care about size? or is it the experience that matters? Is it more important to have a bigger penis (7+ inches) but be mediocre at sex or to have a smaller penis (6- inches) and have good form and stamina? I'm curious to see if i have anything to worry about.
    An_215358 responded:
    Well I am a gay male not a woman, but if I had to choose I would choose a guy who was smaller that could work it better. Size is not necessary, but it is nice. A guy with a bigger penis that can work it well is preferred, but not necessary. From most of the women I have talked to about sex and penis most seem to care more that the man can work it well than the size. Hope that helps some
    MissChooChoo responded:
    Please don't worry about your size. From my own experience, and from talking to other females, we value the willingness of our man to take his time, and to properly prepare us with foreplay. Foreplay can start hours before with a proper kiss (no quick peck on the cheek), a squeeze, and a verbal description of what you'd like to do in bed later. Being on the same page with your partner about positions, and the use of sex toys is necessary too. And most women feel that getting sex is getting love. We can't be mistreated one minute, then being asked for sex the next. It isn't perceived as just recreation by most females as it is by many men (except those in committed relationships). I've been pleased by a 4-inch penis as well as an 8-inch one. The vagina can adapt to any size, and different positions can help to, so please don't worry about that. Your lady will appreciate your knowledge of sex positions, and you being open to suggestions from her also. Ask her what feels good and keep learning. Your form and stamina will come with practice. Good luck, and remember to let your lady come first.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    As a female, I'd rather have a small penis (btw, 6" isn't considered small, it's average) if the guy had good technique than a guy who had a larger penis who thought that was all he needed.

    Honestly, my best lover has been my DH. He's about 5.5" long. He makes sure I'm taken care of first before intercourse even starts. With him, I don't mind the occasional quickie where he's the only one who has an orgasm because I know he usually takes good care of me.
    _Sailor_ responded:
    Not to sound like a broken record but.....

    It's not the size of the tool, it's how you use it.

    btw, average erect size is 5-6 inches.

    Typically for women they need more emotional connection, whilst men need more of a physical connection even though this is not always the case.

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