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Blisters on Finger an STD?
An_215374 posted:
Hi all...

I made a BIG mistake on Friday night and had an unprotected one-night stand... I know, huge mistake, I feel like a total idiot. My question about it is, today, Monday afternoon, I noticed a blister on the top of my middle finger, like where a ring would go, on the other side of the palm. It looked like a typical water blister, and when I monkeyed with it a little it popped and all the water came out. And just now there's another one coming, much smaller though. Is it possible that this could be caused by an STD, or am I freaking out? It's only been 2 and a half days...

Either way, I already have an appointment to get tested, but it's not for a few days and I'm pretty curious now.

Thanks for any advice!
GuardSquealer responded:
Sounds more like poison ivy than an std. Not aware of any std's that you get on your hands.
tcwx39 responded:
Are the blisters small and in small groups? If so then it is a possibility. I wouldn't touch your face or you genitals with that hand if I were you, just to be safe. Do they itch and burn? If they are small and in small groups, another possibility is Shingles. Have you had Chicken Pox? The Chicken Pox virus lays dormant in your body after having them, then can re-activate many years later (as adults), for unkown reasons, and they itch and burn, and are in small groups as small blisters. They can appear anywhere, but usually on the trunk, or arm of one side of the body. Also very spreadable, and contagious. Don't touch your face or genitals with that hand. I would cover it with gauze if I were you. Good Luck.
Rylix replied to tcwx39's response:
It was one very large blister, and then 2 very tiny ones; the 2 smaller ones have faded away and are just slightly reddish now (a day later) and the larger one is healing. They don't really itch or burn. I'm not sure if I have had the chicken pox... My mom had once said that she thought I did but only had a few bumps from it, so, I'm not really sure.

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