im a 25 year old virgin
Kylesww posted:
why do i crave sex so much? i masturbate to lower my hormone levels but they come back quickly, is this normal?
georgiagail responded:
Yes. You crave sex because, well, you're not having sex. You're masturbating.

Caveat_Emptor responded:

Youre (I am assuming) a male. You got testosterone. It fuels your sex drive. Yeah, youre gonna crave sex.
Kylesww replied to georgiagail's response:
thank you
Kylesww replied to Caveat_Emptor's response:
thank you
jss123 responded:
Perfectly normal. I lost my virginity at 29.
I know exactly how you feel. It gets to you sometimes.
You often get erections when you don't want them etc.

Take your time when masturbating. Slow down your strokes and lessen the tightness of your grip and you will last longer which should result in a much stronger orgasm.
That will help cut your urge for a while.

If you rush it you ejaculate without the strong orgasm you really need that will relax you.
That often just gives you the short-term relief you are getting.

Hope that helps.