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Peyronie's disease
Anon_228588 posted:
Over three years ago I was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease

According to the doctor it was the worst case he'd ever completely encompassed my penis all the way around and for about four inches in length

Erections were very painful as it put pressure on that four inch tube and one day I heard a crack and the shell broke and I could have an erection with much less pain after that

Now besides reducing my penis length the four inches of the plaque...which as you can imagine is bad enough...there is another problem

When I urinate I cannot completely get all the urine out of my penis and so some is inevitably still inside when I zip up and it makes the head of my penis constantly wet all day...which leads to what I can only call adult diaper rash on my penis

I have tried various creams(anti-itch or hydrocortisone) but this is not working all that well

Currently the top two inches of my penis are very sore from being wet all the time and the bottom four inches are still stuck inside my body unless I have an erection and even then I have lost about three inches(which embarrasses me so much I haven't had sex with anyone since I was first diagnosed)

Can anyone help?
rest2010 responded:
See an MD. The creams and ointments will sooth the skin,, probably a hydrocortisone OINTMENT, as the cream could cause a burning sensation if the skin is broken. Use sparingly.
alaska_mommy responded:
Since you mentioned "diaper rash", what works well for my baby is A&D Ointment, I prefer it to any other diaper rash cream. Seems to speed healing better than any other.
Have you tried using some sort of absorbent cotton to help keep it dry?
Karen Luster, MD responded:
Any "diaper rash" cream can help maintain dryness. The active ingredient to look for is zinc oxide. If your disease has become quite sometimes an urologist can perform procedures to help with severe symptoms. Also, so topical medications have been used with minimal success but these have to be prescribed. You may have to ask your urologist if he or she knows someone who has an interest in treatment of this condition.

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