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Forever to ejaculate
txcatwash posted:
I am a 49yo male, slightly overweight, with a very healthy sex drive. I am able to obtain and sustain an erection sometimes for a few hours. I have masterbated, sometimes 5x a week in the past, and now it seems like it takes forever to ejaculate, if I even do it all during intercourse. My fiancee, is ttroubled about this, thinking there is something worng with her. I was in a marriage for almost 25 years, and there were a lot of pyscological things during our relationship. I tell my fiancee, that I am more in love with her everyday, but even still she (we) are bothered by the fact I dont ejaculate. My BP is always good, good health, no medical problems, but I would love to be able to ejaculate during intercourse. Any ideas?I love being able to last, but it wears ya out!
Anon_16867 responded:
and ur problem is..u should enjoy that while u can...lots of guys wish they could last a few minutes and u talk about u go for a hour or so...wear that ass out as much as u can...
alaska_mommy replied to Anon_16867's response:
I don't think the OP is exactly enjoying husband had that problem when he started taking antidepressants and it was very very annoying to him. Only happened a couple of times (he switched meds) but it was not a fun or comfortable thing.

To the could always get a medical exam to rule out anything that might be contributing to this problem.
Elle0317 replied to Anon_16867's response:
It actually gets uncomfortable for the woman after such a long time, we tend to dry out and can begin to be rubbed raw inside. Why would want to 'wear that ass out'?? It doesn't sound very respectful of women, more like abusive.
dfgbull; responded:
You stated that "there were a lot of psycological things" in your previous marriage. Have you seen a counselor about those? Your current situation could very well be caused by fears/anxieties left over from the bad relationship. Just a possibility.
Karen Luster, MD responded:
You are describing what is called delayed ejaculation. First of all there is no official definition of what the normal amount of time it should take for a person to have an orgasm. Furthermore, it is not deemed abnormal if either gender does not have an orgasm with each sexual encounter.

This can be considered a form of sexual dysfunction if it causes undo stress repeatedly. There are many things that can cause delayed ejaculation from medications called SSRIs. Some of them are Prozac ®, Zoloft®, Paxil ® and the like. Another is poor sexual technique in which the stimulation is either decreased or sometimes uncomfortable. This varies from person to person. And of course stress and focusing on the previous sexual disappointments is also another common cause.

Reassuring your fiancée is very important. It is a possibility that she may be dealing with her own insecurities and has interpreted this to mean that something is wrong with her.

Unfortunately, there are no medications that make you ejaculate. Most people have improvement when stressors are addressed but also when they remember that sex can be for bonding with someone you care about not just the orgasm.

If it still remains a problem, you can consider talking with an urologist.

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