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Smelly Vagina
Anon_232361 posted:
My girlfriend of ten months and I have a problem that has affected our sex life since day one and our sex life continues to dwindle. She has a smelly vagina. I can smell it when she opens her legs and when we are in the "doggy style' position. There doesn't seem to be anything else that's wrong besides the smell. No abnormal discharge (she gets wet and it's clear), no irritation, no burning during urination, nothing. I understand that all vaginas smell a little bit, but I know that this is different and its not normal. Do some women just have a naturally bad smell down there?
Elle0317 responded:
Has she been to the Dr to rule out some sort of infection?
MYworldBABY responded:
also the foods she eats plays a big roll in the smells down there also, I had a issue with that and cut out alot of the stronger smelling foods and i have no problems from my husband.
Laura__0o responded:
Foods do cause change when it comes to the odor of my vagina. After being vegetarian for 6 years I started eating meat and noticed my vagina started to have a completely different odor, not a bad one. Is she taking any vitamins/supplements? Sometimes fish oil pills can cause a huge (and sometimes bad) change with vaginal odor.
Anon_52169 responded:
Maybe she need to wash her @$$ more often. Give her a romantic bubble bath and then test it out afterwords to make sure its not just dirty @$$ syndrome.
Anon_16867 replied to Anon_52169's response:
LOL..i agree with you 100%..i love for that cat too be clean and fresh while i am down there licking it..
longduckdong46 replied to Anon_52169's response:
lol...nothing a good ole bubble bath can't cure.
Elle0317 replied to longduckdong46's response:
Actually a bubble bath can do more harm than good. The soap in those are often an irritant and can cause a yeast infection.
stangman31 replied to Anon_52169's response:
You know, i should've remembered that there are always groups of ignorant jackasses posting online. Guys, I hope you're not fine with being base creatures. I'm sure unlike you, my GF and I bathe every day so cleanliness is not an issue, so your disrespectul replies just show your true colors. It's better to be silent and thought a moron than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
yardiprincess replied to stangman31's response:
I agree.

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