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Should I or should I not
Anon_234134 posted:
Two days ago my boyfriend asked if he can cum inside me with out a condom. I am on the pill and I know he doesnt have any STD's. I was just curious as to want the rest of the world does when asked this question. Also, why would he want to do this and what does it feel like to have them cum inside you?

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FCL responded:
Given the level of reliability of the pill, quite honestly, adding a condom doesn't really change very much.

Why would he want to do that? Because it feels so much better for him :) It would also save money.

I hate condoms, truly I do. I wouldn't use one unless I absolutely had to. I don't like the feel of them AT ALL.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
sunnyday84 replied to FCL's response:
@FCL we have sex with out condoms I just don't let him cum in me. What does it feel like when its in there?
Anon_234134 responded:
I agree with sunny...I guess, I just dont know what the cum inside feels like thought maybe people would be more open to talk about it.
alaska_mommy responded:
I don't really notice it inside me when he cums...but I notice it afterward, kind of wants to ooze back out again. Helps to have a hand towel at the ready for when he pulls out.
rest2010 responded:
When your boyfriend ejaculates inside you should feel it. The muscle contraction of the penis, the pulsating of the ejaculation and possibly the warmth of the semen also.
HOWEVER, unprotected sex opens up a wealth of other problems in the event your partner has been unfaithful, or has had other partners before your relationship.
Semen does flow out before ejaculation and along with it anything else in the urethra.
Please be careful.
jss123 responded:
I can understand why he want to ejaculate without a condom. As a man, a condom cuts a LOT of the sensation.

If you really want an idea of the difference to a man, put on a latex glove and rub your hand, then rub your hand without the glove on.

As long as you are sure he is clear of STDs and you are on the pill (and not skipping doses) there shouldn't be a problem.
You will, however, need to be very sure your partner is faithful or there will always be a definite risk of STDs.
Anon_234134 responded:
Well, everyone thanks to you my boyfriend got his wish. He got to cum inside of me without a condom on. He was so excited. lol.

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