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Husband's new odor repulses me- Could a vasectomy cause this? Menopause?
POLLY126 posted:
I've been happily together with my husband for 24 years. I've started peri-menopause this year and it seems that he has developed bad breath and body odor that repulses me. I've read some on this site about women choosing men based on smell and I've always enjoyed his smell before. We met when I was not on the pill, so no hormonal interference there. I did recently get my IUD removed because he got a vasectomy. Could that change his body chemistry?

We do have very different libidos - mine being MUCH stronger, so I usually initiate sex. I find I no longer want it from him. I love him and he is becoming a little offended. I've recommended he see his Dr. but he's not one who likes to go unless he has a good reason. I also find that menopause has increased my sex drive, so not wanting the one I married is causing me a lot of angst, as I have been very faithful.
Please help!

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Rhondamay responded:
I doubt that a vasectomy would change a man's body chemistry. My husband had a vasectomy and nothing negative ocurred. Sex was better (less stress about bc failure) and he still smells great to me.

Maybe peri-menopause has made your senses more acute or maybe he has an undiagnosed health issue. I think it would be a "good reason" to see his doctor.
georgiagail responded:
One might suggest you make an appointment with your gynecologist and discuss whether you entering peri-menopause may have changed your sense of smell.

conanor responded:
Oh my god, I have finally found someone with my problem. My breath following my vasectomy became very bad and STRONG. My wife says it's like a metallic smell and it has caused me huge grief. I have been to my general practitioner, and ENT, and a urologist but none have helped. They tried antibiotics but that didn't seem to do anything.

It is usually the worst in the days following an ejaculation. Has your husband noticed other people more offended by his breath?

I have also had other symptoms such as feelings of extreme tiredness. Also my stomach seems to get bloated. Does your husband have any other symptoms?

My feeling is that the sperm are breaking the blood barrier and antibodies are wreaking havoc on my system.

But I can't get anybody to listen since it seems pretty rare and I can't find anybody else that this seems to be happening to.

Thanks in advance for a response.
kaydentaylorsmom replied to conanor's response:
oh man this freaks me out a little. my husband is about to have a vasectomy. his breath has always been horrible! the rest of him smells great. but what if it gets worse afterwards..... we already never kiss because even brushing doesn't help. if it got worse idk what i'd do.
tlkittycat1968 replied to kaydentaylorsmom's response:
I wouldn't worry. When DH and I first got together, he'd had a vasectomy (he's since had reversed) and his breath didn't smell nor did his body.

Also, I once dated an older man and he'd had a vasectomy a number of years before and neither is breath or his body smelled.
POLLY126 replied to conanor's response:
Dear Conanor,

It was not only his breath, but his body odor as well.And it was ALL the time. You'll be happy to know that this has resolved itself over less than 5 months. He also lost about 30 lbs during that time as well, not certain if that has anything to do with it.

He says that he has not experienced bloating or extreme tiredness, although he has experience a little less sensitivity sexually. Sex just lasts a whole lot longer, which is fine. Once in a great while he has trouble maintaining an erection, which never happened before but we are over 45 so maybe this comes with age for some men.

He hopes that this might be temporary for you too. Your body supposedly continually absorbs sperm even before a vasectomy is done, but no doubt it does change some things for some people.
conanor replied to POLLY126's response:
Thanks for the reply and glad this worked itself out for you. I'm not saying that everybody who gets a vasectomy will have a body that reacts like mine. Obviously it's pretty rare. But for me there definitely seems to be some sort of cause and effect with my symptoms. I have even limited my ejaculations to once a week so that I won't have to deal with the symptoms as much (I know this is weird).
My urologist did want me to schedule another appointment with him after the antibiotic treatment he gave me, but I have lost my insurance so I'll have to wait.
If he can't help me out when the time comes, I will look into getting a reversal after I can save up for it. This is how sure I am that something is not right down below.
I hope this doesn't scare anybody away from getting a vasectomy. My case seems rare.

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