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    Let's Clean Up!
    Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
    When your partner isn't up to your cleansing standard how do you gently nudge them to "clean up their act"?
    If you prefer a smooth shaven partner do you tell them?

    Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.
    Author Unknown
    Sagitarius2009 responded:
    Yes! Honesty is always best, if put in the correct context. For example, you could say, "How would you like to try something new?" When he asks what it is, tell him what you're thinking and maybe offer to shave eachother (if comfortable) to make it a bit sexy. My man never shaved prior to being with me, he would trim but that was about it. He's a hairy guy, so when going down on him it was a bit of a turn off to have a face full of hair... not to mention if they broke off in your mouth... NOT fun or sexy!! I've always shaved completely because I can't stand having hair, although it gets irritating when it grows back and can be quite unpleasant. But there is a cream out called Bikini Zone that helps prevent razor burn and irritation and works great... but smells a bit bad. Anyhow, my man absloutely loves me shaved and so I suggested to him one day that he shave. He wasn't too fond of the idea at first because he had never done it and thought it would make him less masculine because he would "look like a kid". LOL!! I simply told him I am the only one who'll see it and I think it would be sexy as hell and a lot of fun. Adding in that I could then lick/suck on his testicles and taint to enhance his pleasure really put the cherry on top and convinced him to let me shave him up. It took him some getting use to at first but since then he has continued to shave and actually prefers it that way now. Much cleaner and nicer looking! I would even venture to say that it makes EVERYTHING feel better as well for both of you! With no hair, you're free to lick, suck, and caress as much and as far as you want and you're more inclined to do so when it's nice and clean looking. And as an added bonus, no hair means less or no B.O. when everything gets all hot and steamy! If all else fails, you could always ask him how he'd like sticking his face in a bunch of hair and eating it while eating you. Maybe that will get the point across and get him to try it out! LOL! Best of luck to you! If he refuses, he's a silly man because he simply has no clue all the pleasure he's missing out on!!!
    BalconyBelle replied to Sagitarius2009's response:
    My guy will know pretty much instantly if I think he needs to clean up a of the first things I do when I see him is stroke his face & the nape of his neck, then stand on tip toes to kiss him. If he hasn't shaved, both of us notice immeadiately...and depending on whether or not we're studying, hanging out, or going to do some serious petting, he'll go shave right away.

    If things are heating up, he may excuse himself to shave below the belt as well. It's a habit he picked up before I came into his life, but I have to admit I support it. We both will make an extra effort to stay clean shaven where it counts (especially if we think there's a chance that area will recieve some extra attention). Nothing kills the moment like hairballs.

    As for BO...if he stinks, I'll haul him straight from the front door to the shower. Since I go in with him, he's all for it
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    If DH needs to shave his face, I'll just say he's getting fuzzy. If he needs to at least trim below the belt, I'll just tell him it's getting kind of long.

    I shave my southern area once a week. Initially it was to surprise DH but now it's more for me than him as I like the clean feel, especially during AF.
    phoenixsenior responded:
    Having been married 42 years, 4 kids and still have great sex even amazes even our close friends. We are very aware of each others shaving needs. We have shaved each other as long as we have been married. We enjoy the clean feeling, and it makes being close very sensual. Sesame oil massage warmed in the microwave after shaving and showering and an electric vibrator on low really gets the sparks moving. We use just a little KY to make her receptive to touch before she gets wet on her own. Have had to introduce a couple of toys to bring her to the mood because of age. She is 67 and I am 68. Sex of course however it is the love that makes it super.
    wonderingaboutthis responded:
    Well, this has never been a problem for either of us, I guess because neither of us can stand ourselves if we get a little funky. As orally inclined as both of us are, I never take my wife to the bedroom without shaving my face as smooth as I can...the stubbles definitely chafe her intimate parts and she'll let me know instantly if I miss a few whiskers.

    We have both shaven our pubic areas for many many years, it's just a daily routine in the shower, so we're both always smooth.

    One thing I will say though, about cleanliness and what I'll call "overdoing it"...My wife's morning shower is enough...her natural scent is most attractive to me, much preferrred over perfumy soaps , etc. To me, the normal, natural scent and taste of a woman's genitalia is an aphrodisiac. Unless she's been perspiring heavily from activities, etc., her normal womanly scent is my preference many times over lilacs or roses from some bottle of something. Clean is great, perfumy cover-ups aren't.
    queston responded:
    My wife goes natural downstairs. She has very little body hair (she hardly even needs to shave her legs), so it;s not like she has a big matted bush or anything.

    A few years ago, I did some trimming, and she acted like it was the weirdest thing ever. (I think she has no idea how common this is these days.) I have made it clear that it'd be cool if she experimented a little, but she is obviously not planning to ever do so. I think she still thinks that only porn stars trim their pubic hair.
    wonderingaboutthis replied to queston's response:
    It's really amazing how pubic shaving has beome almost 100% in both amateur and pro porn. Not too far back, a woman being totally shaved was very unique and different, and you never saw shaved men. Now, it's hard to even find a porn video where the woman has any hair beyonf a little tuft or stripe.. We've been to nude beaches and resorts on and off in the last 20 years, and at least in these places, recently I'd have to say that 50% of the women and 35-40% of the guys are shaven completely. I wonder what the average everyday couple numbers are?
    queston replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    I saw some stats not too long ago in a Men's Health article about women and their sexual habits/needs/desires/preferences at certain ages. They compiled responses from women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and one of the questions was if they regularly kept their pubic hair shaved/waxed. I don;t remember the exact wording, if it was *completely* bare, or just shaved/waxed.

    Anyway, IIRC, the number was about 45% for women in their 20s, 35% for women in their 30s, and 40% for women in their 40s.
    wonderingaboutthis replied to queston's response:
    Based on our observation at the nude beaches and resorts, there was a steady progression of women having less and less pubic hair starting roughly in the early 80's. (Sure I look! Nothing wrong with just looking!)

    When we first started going to these places in the early 80's, most women had full "bushes", with maybe 15-20% shaving just their lower lips. My wife started that way. But you almost never saw a fully shaved woman.

    As the 80's and 90's went by, I began noticing the shaven area going higher and higher, and the "landing strip" or "tuft" thing happening. By this time, probably 50-60% of the women shaved their lower lips and went as high as above their clitoral area or where the "slit" ends. One particular club we frequented in that time period, where I never saw a completely bare shave before, ended up with 5 or 6 women going "all the way" out of perhaps 50-60 women at that time.

    These days, I'd have to estimate 80% of all women at these places shave at least part if not most of their hair, especially the lower lip area, with probably half sporting just a tiny short stripe or tuft, with fully half the women being totally bare, or more. Very rare to see a completely natural pubic hair syle.

    And body type doesn't even enter into the equation, in my experience. While we tend to stereotype the cute little centerfold types as those being the most "hip" sexually and thus those daring enough to show it all, that's a myth. Today you see women and men of all ages, from toothpicks to morbidly obese, shaving their pubic hair. So pubic area shaving isn't isolated to just "the beautful people"...of which there are very very few, by the way. Most people we see in these places look just like us, normal, average, could lose a few pounds, man or woman next-door types.

    Plus, I think more of us are finding out it's not just a sexual thing but one of comfort and cleanliness. When we were first dating, my wife had a very long, thick, tangled blonde "bush", probably a good 4" long, When I suggested shaving to her and she tried it, one of her first remarks was how much cooler, cleaner, and less hassle it was being shaven. She loved the results, especially on her periods, with far less odor and much more comfort, and no more hair sticking out from her bathing suit bottoms, etc. That was 30 years ago, and those hairs have never been seen since.

    Anyway, thanks queston, I have always been curious about the percentage of everyday people who don't go nude publicly or are porn stars, who shave their pubic hair. I even once asked a close nurse friend of ours who works with the examining docs in an OB/GYN clinic what she saw on a day to day basis and her answer was "more than you think".

    I bet it won't be too much longer before shaving is the norm and those who choose not to becoming a minority.
    Jumper197074857 responded:
    I'll revive this a little.

    My wife and I prefer clean shaven. I had been shaving regularly prior to when we met so it wasn't much of a leap to go from trimming to full-on smooth. For her though, it was the opposite. She was not trimmed at all. Not my preference, but I learned to live with it. Over the course of a couple of years, I was able to convince her to let me start trimming it for her. It started with trimming it shorter then it progressed to shaving vaginal area but leaving a patch just above. Then one time I "accidently" cut too much off so I was left with no other option but to shave her smooth and bare . She's been that way ever since.

    Now she comes to me and asks me to shave her. For her it's very relaxing when I use the electric shaver on her. And when I say I shave her, I mean I shave her. I shave the vaginal area, anus, butt cheeks, etc. Baby smooth! For me it's great because it offers me yet another opportunity to get up close and personal and more often than not, it leads to others things.

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