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HELP! Superficial Penis Tearing that won't go away
An_239630 posted:

My boyfriend and I had some poorly lubricated sex nearly 5 months ago, and he has been paying for it ever since. He is circumsized, and the top part of his penis, below the head, keeps getting these superficial tears in it. We've tried abstaining, but the tears keep returning. We've agreed already to try more lubrication, but I was hoping for a topical solution to help with the healing process and prevent too much tension in the scar tissue so that it doesn't rip with every erection. I've seen a lot of amateur responses, and I am hoping on here that I can find something from someone more qualified. Please help us!
fcl responded:
Tears can often be the sign of a yeast infection in men. That would explai why it keeps on coming back too - it hasn't been treated. Have you tried an OTC yeast cream?

If nothing else works then a trip to the doc is in order. After all, this has to be pretty painful for him and I don't suppose he wants it dragging on forever ...
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
alaska_mommy responded:
I recently bought an antiseptic cream for breakouts, I wonder if it might help him? The brand is Derma-E, and it's called Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme . I bought mine off of Amazon BTW.
It's supposed to fight bacterial and fungal infection and speed the healing process. They also make a scar treatment if scar tissue is the problem.
I wonder if using a well-lubricated condom might give him some protection during sex and let the tears heal?
Also if this helps the Tea Tree creme is safe to come in contact with the vagina, I used it as a lubricant at one point. It has a slight cooling sensation to it.
Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you. It can't be fun at all to not be able to enjoy each other's bodies.
lanakaye72 responded:
not to alarm you, but my now ex husband had the same thing happen, we assumed it just wd not heal all the way because of the area it in...well needless to say we let it go on way to long only to find out he had penil cancer...i would suggest no sex plenty of powder and i no this is gonna sound weird but it helps with moisture, panty liners...if this does not help he needs to see a dr. that is knowledgeable with penil cancer...the more it tears the more scar tissue is gonna develop and thats not good either...i pray he is ok...but please do not let this go on for a long period of time...penil cancer can be slow or very ex had to hv his penis removed to stop the cancer...and is now doing good!!!
bobby_77 responded:
I too have a penis skin tear about .5" down from the head of the penis on the left side of the shaft. What did you end up doing? And is everything corrected now?

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