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Strange Video - Cervical Sex
wonderingaboutthis posted:
I thought I had seen just about everything in porn videos, but this one was something else.

The video was obviously amateur and home-made, so I'm almost positive I wasn't seeing camera tricks or a female being paid to pretend she was enjoying this. In the video, this female was on her back with her vagina spead very wide, and her cervix was clearly visible. She was actually inserting and plunging a small diameter but long vibrator into her cervix and upwards into her uterus a good 2-3 inches. This was odd and kinky enough, but the strangest part is she actually appreared to become extremely aroused during the act, and clearly had a pretty intese orgasm during this penetration. This was made even more real looking by seeing her cervix contracting and shuddering with orgasmic waves.

Then, after removing the toy, a very long penis went inside her. The view of her cervix was blocked by the penis, but judging by the previous part of the video and the close proximity of her cervix to the outside, this guy was actually penetrating her uterus with his penis, and acutally ejaculated into it, When he pulled out of her, the semen was pouring out of her cervix, and it was distended and stretched wide.

Could this possiby have been real? And with the comments I got in replies to my questions regarding sex and the cervix, it would seem as though this type of act would have been quite painful for the woman instead of an orgasmic experience. It didn't look erotic to me, instead it was so bizarre to see I had to finish watching the video just to try to wrap my mind around what I was seeing.

I know it takes all kinds, but this one just blew me away....seems like this kind of thing could be extremely dangerous if her uterine lining was to tear from the toy or the stretching by the man, not to mention the risk of infections, etc.

Strangest and most kinky fetish-type thing I have ever seen. Was it real?
Anon_21479 responded:
I don't think so, everything I've ever read says this is not possible, and if it was, I feel really sorry for her because I don't think that is in any way healthy. The opening of the cervix when not engaged in childbirth is very, very small and has a "mucus plug" to keep it closed off. If this was real, she must have had some sort of surgery to keep it open, and to me sounds very creepy.
wonderingaboutthis replied to Anon_21479's response:
Yes, it was definitely one of those "extreme" videos and those tend to show acts that could be downright dangerous. I'm all for "kinky" within reason, but this was almost frightening to watch.

I don't know about such surgery or anything like that, but two or three things make me think what I was seeing was actually taking place. The vibrator insertion was deep, and the vdeo was shot close-up enough that I could see it really was entering her cervix at least 2-3' or more. She also had a really convincing orgasm, all the vaginal contractions were clearly visible as well as her cervix shuddering and she was exuding alot of lubrication from her vagina.

Finally, when the man pulled back, her cervix stayed wide open and was red and inflamed looking, and a large amount of semen ran out from her cervical opening.

Freaky thing, to be sure, and not something my wife and I will be trying any time soon....I too feel sorry for this woman if she needs to do something like this to satisfy her desires.
HairyD replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
WAT, there is a small line between pain and pleasure. This woman has learn to control her body and her mind. I have had my penis a few inches in a female uterus. This was with females that had sex with extra long penis at a young age.

I attended a sex show (not in the USA) were a female laying flat. A donkey mounted her. She and the donkey insert its whole penis into her vaginal. The donkey breed her until they both reached a orgasm.

If the mind is willing the body can to. But is this kinky or abusive?????? Your were watching porn she was not satisfing her desire. She was giving you something to watch as you jerk off. Also Pleasing her MAN ?????????? with the video recorder.

You stated not anytime soon; but you long penis may at future date........ ? lol
wonderingaboutthis replied to HairyD's response:
With the language barrier here, Hairy, I'm not sure what you were saying, but I hardly found anything there to "jerk off" about. It was, as I said, a startling video that was extreme in any sense and hardly erotic. I simply was trying to determine if what I saw was indeed real, because it sure appeared to be but seemed to go against my understanding of the capacity of the human female.

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