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Vasectomy - What can I expect ?
Anon_6207 posted:

After much deliberation, I've opted to have a vasectomy.

The urologist I'm going to offers both scalpel and no-scalpel based vasectomies.
What should I go for ? What are the risks for both ?

I must admit I'm actually quite nervous. I really don't like being naked in front of doctors so this could be quite an ordeal for me psychologically. A doctor made a sarcastic comment about the size of my testicles a few years ago. Since then I've avoided being naked in front of them as much as possible.

If anyone reading this has had one can they please give me some advice. I'd really appreciate it.
Rhondamay responded: Good Luck,

meeky50 responded:
had a vasectomy over 15 years ago, but don't recall scalpel or no scalpel. i've no regrets and there have been no complications.

good luck and ask your doctor the pro's and con's for either method. also, the success rate for each method.
Anon_6207 replied to meeky50's response:
Thanks Rondamay and meeky50.

My wife gets very severe migraines from oral contraceptives and injections. We tried various options first. Her bone density is also very bad for a woman of her age. I read both are contra-indications for a lot of those types of contraceptives which is when we started looking for other options.

In the end I offered to have a vasectomy rather than risk her health. I didn't consider asking her to have a tubal ligation as I feel a vasectomy is a minor procedure in comparison to it.

I'm must admit very nervous of doing the procedure, but I feel my wife's health is more important than some embarrassment.

My doctor says he does both type of vasectomies, but the non scalpel methods has a less chance of complications afterwards. I don't know how true that is.

One thing for sure is either way I'm not going to watch what they are doing to me during the procedure.
I'm far to squemish !!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
As I'm female, I've never had one but DH had one years ago (he had it reversed when we got married) and he said take it easy for several days. He tried to go back to work too early and didn't make it half the day he was in so much pain. Then again, he was working construction at the time and was climbing up and down ladders.
Anon_6207 responded:

I had the vasectomy (non-scalpel) yesterday (Thursday).
It went a LOT better than I expected. I'm in no pain at all.
Just resting at home.
I had it done at a local hospital through medical insurance.

Best thing is no more oral/injection contraceptives and all their side effects. (My wife really was suffering constantly with migraines on them).

We will have to use condoms for three months until the semen analysis confirms the procedure was successful, but its worth it !

It completely eliminated my issues with being naked in front of doctors/nurses too. I guess something like that would

For those men out there who are nervous about having one (I was definitely one of them !), seriously consider this as an option.
wonderingaboutthis replied to Anon_6207's response:
Congratualtions! You did it! Really not that bad, was it? And kudos for "taking the hit" for your wife's sake, it really is less invasive than tubal ligation.

Believe me, you'll love concern about pregnancy at all anymore, which will more than likely equate to more sexual spontenaeity and better sex.

I replied mainly to marvel at the advancements made with having the procedure. I had mine 35 years ago. They offered me two options also, either a shot of Novacaine in the scrotum, or a general anesthetic, before they used the scalpel. I'm really OK with needles, but not in the jewels! I actually let them knock me out...when I woke up, it was all over. Definitely the chicken's way out, but the outcome was still the same.

And the "naked around nurses thing"? When I woke up I was bleeding from the stitches, and pushed the call button. A lovely young nurse came, and to my extreme embarassment, threw the sheet back, grabbed hold of my penis and wiped the whole area down with alcohol, never batting an eye. That pretty much cured me of being nervous around medical people.

Don't cheat with the calendar though - three months is a long time, but a buddy of mine got impatient after two months and successfully impregnated his wife for the last time, which is what the pregnancy before was supposed to have been...
Anon_6207 replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
The hospital gave me a container for the sample and a list of labs I can use for the semen analysis. The problem is you have an hour to hand it in after making the sample.
All the labs listed are MILES away from where I live. I can just imagine getting caught speeding and trying to use that as an excuse
tlkittycat1968 replied to Anon_6207's response:
A suggestion: find the lab that is closest to you and scope it out. If there is a bathroom with a locking door, take a few adult magazines and use the bathroom.
Anon_6207 responded:

Something odd has happened to me since my vasectomy 2 months ago.
My orgasms seem much more intense.

Believe me I'm not complaining
Its not just during sex. Masturbation too.

How is this possible though ?

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