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sexual positions that damage a womans body
An_240538 posted:
My boyfriend of 8 years watched a lot of porn prior to our dating and during the early years of our relationship. He learned to make love from porn which isnt a very good place to learn how to please a woman. He has a rather large penis and sex is always very fast, very hard and very impersonal. He never says a word during lovemaking. For the first several years we had sex at least once daily, now we are down to once or twice a week. He is very unhappy about this. In this relationship I always must wear a sexy outfit ( corset, etc) and he usually tells me which one he wants me to wear. I must dress up every time. If I dont want to dress up, he tells me he isnt interested in sex. I think he learned to "make love" from Porns and doesnt realize ( or care) that women ( me) want to be made love to . There is no foreplay, no tenderness, no connection emotionally. He always wants me on top, and wants me bouncing up and down so hard that it actually hurts my breasts from the bouncing. When I am on top, he stares at my breasts as if he is being hypnotized. The pounding on my vaginal area and my uterus is painful. The years of this type of sex have taken its toll on my emotions and my body, my breasts ligaments are very loose, and I have a lot of pelvic pain from all the hard fast bouncing up and down. Sex has become extremely painfull. I now need surgery to repair damage to my pelvic floor . I think this type of sex done over and over is very damaging to a womans body . Does anyone else have this type of problem? Any suggestions? I have tried to get him to change the way he makes love but he isnt interested in changing.
Popear responded:
P:orn and many men thing the key to great sex is a big organ. We know sex in in the head head with eyes and a brain lmopt in the minkless head at the end of the penis. The vagina iis an acommodating organ that is not a hole but a potential space that catresses any size penis. Why wouyld anyone put up with a boor that judged his sexual prowess by porno and did not reciprocate. The lady must have been convinced a big penis on a boor was good sex. Took her a long time to figure it out.
3point14 responded:
He isn't interested in changing a behavior that you find demeaning and causes you physical pain? Get a new boyfriend.

As easy as it is to blame this issue on "learning sex from porn" that's really not the problem. The problem is your selfish mysogynistic boyfriend.
FCL responded:
Oh wow ... Read over what you wrote. He is using you as a "thing". He doesn't care how you feel about sex, doesn't care if you enjoy it, you are reduced to the level of a semen receptacle. Time you put on your big girl panties and said ENOUGH. what are YOU getting from sex? Do you enjouy it or do you do it because he wants it. He isn't making love. You know that. Love integrates respect. The last thing on his mind is respect when he (fouir letter word)s you... How is the rest of your relationship? Why have you let this drag on for 8 years? Even with rough sex, few women need surgery to repair their pelvic floor .. Why do you continue to comply?

Finally, as you said he isn't interested in sex in any other way ... I would drop the dolt like a hot brick. Why continue to let him abuse your body and (no doubt) undermine your self esteem while doing so? He is causing you PAIN that requires SURGERY to repair and he DOESN'T CARE. Get out now while you can.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
J5DC2 responded:
I can't believe you are still living with this animal!! I am sorry, but there is no other way to discribe someone who uses another human being.

I would never, never do anything to hurt my loving wife, on the contrary, I do everthing to please her and in pleasing her I am satisfied. I love to make love to my wife, we do it almost every night, but my main goal is always to please/satisfy her.

Leave him, I asure you there are many good men there who would do anything to love/please you.
luvmy2babiesmuch replied to J5DC2's response:
agree with the others, i cant imagine him not wanting to please you,, rough sex is ok sometimes, but not to the point taht it makes one really hurt, causes damage, and dislike for the whole experience. You have talked to him, over and over, and he has disregarded and no love and respect enough to do things differently.. i'm sorry that you need surgery, and hope and pray thaht after surgery, you are ok, both emotionally and physically.. best of luck to you- i would move on!!!

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