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    Lamenting the Braless Era
    wonderingaboutthis posted:
    In one of my other posts I mentioned the good old days when braless was considered beautiful. That got me thinking and lamenting that wonderful era in the 60's thru probably the late 80's, early 90's when the beautiful natural curves and motion of the female breasts was considered aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. Ahh, I miss those days so badly.

    Granted, not every woman has breasts firm enough or upright enough to pull off the look, but sadly even those who do seem to have forgotten just how beautiful the female breast really is.

    To me and many like me, there is nothing as gorgeous as a woman in a clingy top, with firm round breasts and nipples pointing high, uncovered by layers of thick cloth and foam rubber, un-strapped in, cinched down, molded into a production-line shape not even resembling nature, and completely devoid of even the faintest of nipple bumps. And the sheer beauty of seeing her walk, those same beautiful breasts swaying naturally, jiggling as she sits down, and just generally appearing as nature intended.

    The bra came back first, but they still were sheer and thin and generally shaped the breast into a close approximation of a natural form. And for a long time, women had nipples, just like men only larger and firmer, but they were there and not something to hide or be ashamed of. Now, no matter what bra catalog you look at, they all expound on the virtues of "No nipple show through" which I ask "what in the world, is the big deal about a couple of nipple bumps on a woman's shirt?" Time was when almost every woman's nipples showed somewhat through their bra...I honestly don't get it, what's wrong with that? Are you ladies embarrassed that you own nipples? As far as I know, they're standard equipment on every breast!

    Halter tops are back, but the lovely swaying breasts that used to be under them are once again cinched up and strapped down, and companies are making a killing selling those sticky rubber "petals" to plaster over the tips of women's breasts to protect them from the dreaded "nipple show through".

    Just one breast lover's lamentations but can I get a witness? Guys, dont you miss the beautiful breasts swaying under wispy tops? And moreso, don't you miss the women who were proud of their breasts and didnt feel the need to cram then into these production-line bullet-proof harnesses with look-alike cups making them all look like Barbie dolls and preventing even the faintest of natural motion?

    Are there any women left out there who like to go natural, without needing all these straps and harnesses? Are there any of you left who aren't ashamed to see little bumps on your blouses, indicating that yes, you too have nipples?

    Okay, firm C and D-cups may sag after time if you go braless all the time, but isn't there a place for an occasional natural look, and letting your assets move a little as you walk?? Most women with good figures sway their hips and know exaclty how to jiggle their butt cheeks just right, how did the breasts get left behind?

    This is just for fun, let's hear from everyone here - guys, ladies, does anyone like the braless look anymore? Ladies, how often if ever, do you go "natural" in public ? (around the house doesn't count) Do you feel pretty or sexy without your bra? Do you really mind that your nipples show? And above all, isn't it more comfortable, less hot and sticky, not being strapped in like a fighter pilot every second?
    Retiredin2000 responded:
    I have to agree with you. As a man I find nipples poking through a sweater/blouse the absolute most sexy look there is. That beats cleavage any day.
    alaska_mommy responded:
    I was raised very conservative and my mom taught us that nipple show-through was bad. That it might make guys look and you didn't want unnecessary attention. But I recently bought a jersey-knit spaghetti-strap style lingerie piece that I wish I could wear in public. It has a piece of elastic that runs around the ribcage right under the breasts, which helps define each one and it makes me feel sexy. Of course I couldn't wear it out, my butt cheeks hang out the back. But it would be fun to feel sexy like that in public.

    Sometimes it bugs me that nudity is such a big taboo in the western culture. The way I was raised, I ended up feeling like my lady parts were ugly. It's too bad it wasn't until fairly recently in my life that I've started to appreciate them more.
    FCL replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    Just sticking my nose in

    "Sometimes it bugs me that nudity is such a big taboo in the western culture."

    Nudity is NOT a big taboo in Western culture - only in certain parts of it ...
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    alaska_mommy replied to FCL's response:
    Thanks FCL...I guess I just meant in my neck of the woods...
    Anon4567 responded:
    I'm a female in my late 20's and I go braless most of the time. I agree the bras they sell now make everyone look the same and that's boring. I'm a 32C-D meaning I'm in between a C and a D cup and buying bras is so frustrating. None of them fit me right and I hate wearing them anyway. I'm proud of my breasts and I could care less that my nipples show. I actually only own about 3 bras 2 of them sports bras. I have to wear a sports bra when I run and ride horseback because my boobs are big enough to hurt with all the bouncing. But other than that I don't wear one under anything. I actually like the feel of my boobs moving around free. My nipples are really sensitive and I like the feel of them rubbing against my shirts especially in like a silk top. Sure I get some extra attention sometimes but what's wrong with that?
    3point14 responded:
    Hope this doesn't double post.

    I wear a bra because I don't want strangers to be able to lovingly describe the swell of my breast. I'm aware that as a human being I get judged by my appearance near-constantly, but I don't really see the need for that to be overtly sexual, I prefer instead to try to be attractive in a more subdued, lady-like way. I can't control what goes on in the heads of other people, but I can control what kind of ammo I give them. I don't feel comfortable with the thought of people wondering what I'm like in bed or how I look naked.

    Also, I'm taken and loyal and happy. What would be the point of getting a bunch of attention that's purely sexual from people? It wouldn't turn me on to be objectified, so my SO wouldn't benefit from it, and I think my somewhat prudish nature makes my private sexual nature more exciting for him. Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets and whatnot. Why make a promise to strangers with my body that I don't intend to follow through with? Why be the light for someones' passion for someone else? It's just not how I'm wired.
    wonderingaboutthis replied to 3point14's response:
    Wow. Hey I get what you're saying 3point14, what's yours is yours and you don't want any attention drawn to you. But do you really consider your feminine curves so private that you want them masked in some bra-maker's idea of what is pretty or acceptable? I'm not trying to pick a fight, honestly, and I totally get the privacy angle. Tongue-in-cheek, wouldn't you be better served wrapping yourself in an Ace bandage then, and flattening everything so that no curves are visible at all to anyone other than your special person??

    Yeah, I lament the braless age being gone from a sexual standpoint, being a fairly typical voyeuristic male, but I really also see the female form as just plain beautiful too, breasts included and de-sexualized. I especially dislike all these new molded-cup things that make all breasts appear like they came out of the same cookie-cutter, it's just so anti-nature, I guess.

    Every person has their own idea of what's appropriate to show and not show, and their own comfort level in doing so. Reading the post above yours, I'm glad to see there are also still women who enjoy the "free floating" feeling and don't give a rip what others think about a couple of bumps showing on their shirt. I'm not sure she's any less of a "lady" than you are though, based only on wearing or not wearing a bra. She did mention a comfort angle liking "the feel of my boobs moving around free". If you don't mind me asking, are your bras comfortable to you? I mean like all the time? It's hard for a guy to imagine having to wear something like that on their chest all the time, especially in hot humid weather.

    Thanks for participating in my lamentation rant!
    3point14 replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    I think there's a huge difference between wearing a bra and covering myself in ace bandages to hide my curves. I don't "hide" anything by wearing a bra. I just don't expose my nipples to whomever happens to be walking by. Personal opinion, it's tacky. Anti-nature? Definitely. But so is the make-up I wear, the tattoos and piercings I have, and the car I drive. Such is life.

    It doesn't bother me to be in someone else's idea of what's pretty or acceptable, because that's what I'm doing with all the rest of my clothing anyway, and it suits me fine. If I were someone who made their own clothes, I guess I could see your point more...

    I make it a point to wear bras that fit. In the same way I wouldn't wear ill-fitting jeans, the fit of a bra is something that influences comfort immensely. One could argue that wearing clothing at all in hot, humid weather is slightly uncomfortable. I don't mind a slight discomfort, or wearing a thinner bra, to not get that kind of attention.

    Also, I find bras to be extremely sexy. I personally wear ones that reflect my personal style, and emphasize what I think is good about my body. As with all clothing, I work with what I have, and it's just another fun layer to take off at home with my darling.
    Anon4567 replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    Really for me it's more of a comfort thing. Sure I like the attention I get when I'm wearing something clingy or thin but that's just a small part of why I don't wear bras. Being halfway between a C and a D is a pain. I even went to a custom bra fitter once and still they don't fit right. I usually wear loose fitting clothes and you really can't tell if I'm wearing one or not. I know what the other girl means about having something extra to take off for my boyfriend though. I have some lingerie for just that purpose and he loves it. But he also loves coming up behind me and reaching under my arms any time he likes and squeezing my breasts and not getting a handful of bra instead. The one bra I have other than the sports bras is just a thin stretchy one that doesn't smash my nipples flat or change my natural shape. I only wear that under lace or thin tops that would show the color of my nipples through.

    To each his own like I said I'm really proud of my figure and don't mind people seeing what I really have. I just never have liked the feel of any bra and to me feeling my boobs move around and bounce a little just seems natural.
    bob249 replied to 3point14's response:

    I think you've been contributing here longer than I.

    Interesting - your take on the bra/no bra thing ...
    Made me think.

    While testosterone drives males to sometimes say or do things they shouldn't or wouldn't otherwise, there is an appeal to the natural look. And I wonder what the breakdown is between bras sold that are designed for comfort versus bras sold to attract attention.

    Aren't sports bras the most comfortable?
    But often less figure flattering?

    How many guys wear "push up" underwear to enhance the look/size of their packages? (I hope the answer is none.)

    There could be a debate whether bare breasts are even sexual. Fijians don't think they are ...
    (So I've read - never been there.)

    In general (Very general), I suspect that many women enjoy the easy attention afforded by showing a bit. Takes little effort on their part. But a woman who wants recognition for what she can do, not just how she looks, exhibits a confidence that is very attractive.

    Your remarks demonstrate that sort of confidence.

    That's my opinion - no offense intended to female posters with differing views.

    Still, there is also the environment to consider. When I went to discos, there was always plenty of eye candy. And I admit to looking if not with a date.

    When walking down a city street, someone wearing similar attire seemed out of context to me.

    Oh, and once upon a time I was curious about nude beaches. Wouldn't go by myself and most of the women I knew weren't interested. But, when I reunited with a high school flame with an adventurous spirit, I talked her into going. Although adventurous, she was petrified once there. Was sure everyone else would be model material. They weren't and she remains youthfully attractive to this day. Scared stiff, she sat on the towel with bathing suit on staring straight out to the ocean.
    When she finally moved her head to see what I was doing, she noticed she was the only one on the beach with a suit on. Off it came and she had a grand time splashing around "au natural". We went one other time and she was stripping even before the towels were straight.

    My point is that nudity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sexuality. Dressing to entice encourages sexuality while being nude is sensuous ...

    If you didn't notice, I do not have a firm opinion so am rambling.
    3point14 replied to bob249's response:
    Hi Bob, yeah been here forever, it's the only website I get at work

    Guys may not wear push-up-packages (though the mental image did make me laugh) but guys are notorious for tight jeans, sleeveless shirts, which do the same thing: show what they got, you know? I think it's human nature to want to be found attractive, and like you said in the context of a club it makes sense to be more overtly sexual.

    I just think, for myself personally, that a day at the grocery store isn't the time or place to assert myself sexually. My sexuality is not one of the more interesting things about me, and I prefer it to be private in any case, so I don't see why it should be a huge deal. I think it's more complex to pull off attractive rather than just "hottie" and anyone who were to approach me because of how "sexy" I was being just wouldn't be the type of person I'd be interested in even if I was single.

    I agree though that nudity in other contexts can be life-affirmingly sensual, and in the situation you described, sounds absolutely beautiful.I'm jealous!
    alaska_mommy replied to 3point14's response:
    Funny thing, once I was looking online for a boxers to buy for hubby, and one site did also sell push-up straps for men!! That sure gave me a chuckle.
    wonderingaboutthis responded:
    One of the most memorable things about the braless era for me was something that I don't think younger people who didn't live through it realize, and that was just how "normal" it was for woman to not wear bras.

    It wasn't just the young sexy types looking for attention, it was widespread and actually so common it became accepted as pretty much a standard thing. Did every woman go braless? No, certainly not. But there were women of all ages, lifestyles, professions, and social classes going bare under their shirts. I remember it as simply as a matter of choice, and it wasn't really that big of a deal to see becasue it was so common.

    I remember professional women in the offices I worked in being braless. I remember nurses, dental assistants, the lady at the post office being braless. Those of you old enough to remember a TV show called "Cagney and Lacey" about two female detectives, might remember Tyne Daley as never wearing a bra under her plain clothes. She wasn't even the sexy one of the pair, she was just a lady cop. Even the daytime soaps had about a 50% braless rate, as I recall.

    There were plenty the younger sexy girls and women wearing the filmy or clingy halter tops and obviously showing off, but there were also the 30, 40, and 50-somethings wearing jeans and flannel shirts without a bra. Women in nice office dresses whose natural shape was part of their look.

    I guess that's part of what I'm lamenting, the fact that it was such a casual thing and not such a big deal or an uncommon occurence. And it was pretty much accepted anywhere, without people saying "did you see that?" and/or pointing their fingers and calling the woman nasty names just because her natural figure was showing. I remember one of my first hiogh school girlfriends being braless all the time, and when I went to her house to meet her parents, her mother's nipples were poking through her sweater too. A stay-at-home mom dressed in plain everyday clothes.

    I have often wondered, why exactly are most, if not all, runway models braless? Is it to draw attention to themselves, I doubt that, as the clothes are ostensibly what they're selling. Possibly it's to make clothing changes quicker and not needing to change bras for different necklines, etc.?
    alaska_mommy replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    They could be braless, or they might be wearing those stick-on bras.

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