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married for 10 years without having sex at all...
mysweetmelissamarie posted:
I am 28 years old sexually active,i meet this loving caring fun to be with 43 years old man from another country,at first we just communicate online then later decide to meet for real,he is married and i am single,every time we talk about sex he is hinting that he never had sex at all in his entire life,he said he never had sex with his wife coz his wife feels doesnt like him to touch her,go intimate with him.but i didnt expect he never tried sex at all,after a few months of talking in the phone,online specially after spending 5 days together we end up inlove with each other so much that it reach to the point we both feel frustrated that we cant be together coz he is married and he said he love his wife as much as he love me even though they dont have sex at all.he said he cant leave his wife bcoz he promised to love her for better or for worse and not having sex at all is the worse.i am very inlove with him and until now im still waiting for him to realize that his wife is being selfish to deprive him of something that is very important to a couple.does this really happen?are we just the only persons in the world who is going through this kind of situation?..yeah he is virgin at 43 when i had him..please help,i need some advice...
alaska_mommy responded:
My opinion is you never should have gotten involved with him in the first place. Now you are in a bad situation because you allowed yourself to become romantically entangled with a married man. What goes on sexually (or not) between his wife and him is just that---between his wife and him. It's none of your business. He may even be lying to you about the lack of sex in order to make you feel sorry for him. My advice is to cut all ties quickly but I know that is easier said than done.
Rhondamay responded:
Mysweetmelissamarie, I think you are very gullable to believe this guy. I seriously doubt he has gone all that time without consumatting his marriage. Show some self respect and bail out now! Married men should be off-limits despite their not so compelling pick-up lines.
Elle0317 responded:
The man is a liar and MARRIED, drop him and move on while you still can.
cto312 responded:
Sounds like he's lying... try getting his wife's side of the story.

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