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Unable to have orgasm.
An_241584 posted:
I'm eighteen years old and have been having sex for two years. I've never had an orgasm and recently I've had difficulty getting wet on my own. With my most recent boyfriend is the closest I think I've been to having an orgasm but I'm not really sure how I would know if I was getting 'close', but this only happens during oral sex. I've just tried to accept that I can't orgasm but now is it becoming frustrating in my relationship and for myself.
The issue with getting wet is the most frustrating problem that I have right now. I'm young and I shouldn't be having any sort of problems like that. I talked to my doctor about it and he gave me a cream that was supposed to 'clean' out my vagina but even now I am still having trouble lubricating on my own. I'm embarassed to go back to the doctor. I do not have a constant dryness down there, it just doesn't get 'wet' when I'm aroused and I can tell it gets on my boyfriends nerves, no matter how hard he tries to help the cause, it doesn't work. I've never previously had this problem until about two months ago. I don't feel that my issue in getting wet is why I can't have orgasms.
Is there any way to know for sure if you can or can not orgasm?
georgiagail responded:
Most folks learn to orgasm through masturbation.

Do you masturbate and if so, do you reach an orgasm doing this.

joycelin responded:
well u have to be completely comfortable ... and open to do things even if they may seem emberassing because you dont always know what your body likes... or maybe your bf is not stimulating u correctly ...

i reccommend that you start off doing it on your own .. try new things like playing with areas in your vagina and find where your most sensitive... buy a vibrator experiment on your own so you can understnd your body better
tee4912659 responded:
You need a man who will take the TIME to get you ready for the actual sex Honey.....Most men who are in their teens and even late 20's are not that great at pleasing a LADY....I learned from expierience what to pay attention to in order for a lady to enjoy our sex. I want her to orgasm at least 2 times before we have intercourse. (I am 52 yrs young) This is usually accomplished by giving her very slow and intense oral pleasure....along with toys if she like that....all women are different as to what they like and want. I learned early on to pay attention to her body... the sounds and movements she makes while doing the many different things. Some women will orgasm after 2-3 minutes of intense kissing, licking, fondling etc while others may take an hour.....I never worry about the time. If I am that pressed for time I wait until I have at least 3 to 4 hrs when we can lie down beside each other....hold and carress each other and do all the things it takes to make a woman love me for me and how I make love to her.
IF you are dry, use a lubricant that does not dry out so fast. Like K-Y warming liquid. It is still water soluble and it lasts a long time as well. If it does dry out he only has to put a few drops on him to get going again.
Let me know if you can get this across to him to take his time with you. I care Honey....Good Luck!
TheBeesKnee responded:
I'm about your age and I've been having trouble with that since I first started having sex.

For the dryness, invest in some good lube.

If he asks say "Honey, I'm really into you, but my body just won't cooperate"

If he complains or gets offended then he's simply not mature enough to realize that sex is not what you see in the pornos. If he doesn't even try to understand he is not worth your time at all.

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