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No sex after baby?
Anon_51150 posted:
I'm just curious what the reason is behind not being able to have sex for 6 weeks after giving birth to a baby?
alaska_mommy responded:
Giving birth is traumatic to the vagina/perineum, and the body needs time for this to heal, also the postpartum bleeding needs to stop. Basically, the body has gone through a huge undertaking and it needs time to heal before intercourse can be resumed. Having sex before the vagina and surrounding areas has healed will just add insult to injury.
Anon_475 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
And also to avoid infection setting in in areas that haven't properly healed or scarred over.
tlkittycat1968 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
I see how that would be the case after a vaginal delivery but what about after a c-section? I did not experience labor with either pregnancy since I had scheduled c-sections with both. Both times, I was told not to have sex for six weeks.
BalconyBelle replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
The incision made for C-sections is even larger than ones that may be made for vaginal delivery--your abdominal cavity was sliced open, your abs were cut in half, and that area needs time to heal. The muscles need to join together again, and multiple layers of tissue and skin need to mend.

If you feel capable of having sex before the 6 week mark, congratulations on having a stellar healing ability--but still, please hold off. If something goes wrong, the complications for jumping the gun following a c-section are even more severe than if you'd had vaginal delivery.
5337guy replied to BalconyBelle's response:
For six weeks after delivery, the "coyote position" is recommended. That's where you just sit next to the hole and howl.
ddweller151 replied to 5337guy's response:
lol - never heard that one!
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