Cialis ?
btlc78 posted:
Starting Cialis 5mg daily, how soon before this works?
bob249 responded:
Still waiting for it to work?
HairyD replied to bob249's response:
You need to speak with your doctor. When my wife and I want extra time plucking. I use half of 20mg cialis. More ucks for your bucks. The price for 5mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg penis power is the same thru my drugist. Call the doctor for a differant prescription. If this does not help, request a erection examation. Is a little awarkard for some to be hard with a male. But you need the dick working for your lady and you. Keep us posted. Males need to help other male to keep enjoying the pleasure of the female. When you get it hard do it once for me. lol
deemster responded:
as early as 16 minutes, but could be hours if you took it on a full stomache