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    Elongated labia and enlarged clitoris...
    laurenkathleen posted:
    Hi, all. I am seeking some advice on a couple of different (but very possibly related) issues I'm having.

    I'm a 24 year old female, and I have a very healthy sex drive. I would go as far as to say that my libido is probably stronger than the average woman my age. I have no problems reaching climax, and can have up to 10 or 12 orgasms in a single sexual encounter (night).

    However, I am so insecure about my genitals and a couple other aspects of my naked body that it is almost impossible for me to relax and enjoy myself during sex.

    First, I have elongated labia. Not drastically, I don't think. But the inner lips definitely hang outside the outer lips, and they tend to get pinched in my clothing or be very uncomfortable if I don't sort of "push" them inside.

    Secondly, I have a larger than average clitoris. I don't know if it is large enough to be considered enlarged or not, but definitely larger than average. You don't have to "find" it... it is very visible.

    Last but not least, I have more hair than usual and in unusual places. Small hairs sprout up around my nipples - no big deal, I just pluck them and move on. But also have some dark hair on my stomach, which I have to constantly shave, wax or pluck. SO FRUSTRATING.

    Could any or all of these symptoms be indicative of a serious condition? Are these things "normal?"

    I have had nine sexual partners in my life, and none of them have complained or seemed turned off/uncomfortable with my appearance down there. I guess I'm just a little worried and frustrated since I seem a lot different than most women down there.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    Bennysantiago responded:
    Some women are more fortunate than others in some ways. The fact that you had 9 partners without complaints should make not worry. About the hair I have seen girls/women with hair, some noticeable and some noticeable with sunlight. But are you saying lots of hair or simply noticeable?
    Anon_123366 responded:
    Well, there really is no such thing as "normal". I too have the same issues you have with the enlarged clitoris and labia, and sometimes it does cause problems after intercourse. The "extra skin" tends to stretch and pull during intercourse, and gets irritated, sometimes tearing, and then I am in pain for several days. I have had to get prescription creams and ointments from my OB/GYN, and now I am at the point of having it surgically removed. Only thing that is helping me at this point is lots of lube and slow penetration!! As far as the hair on the nipples thing, I get that too, not a lot, but I think it is more common than anything, and nothing to worry about, much less something to be self conscious about. You shouldn't be self conscious about your looks "down there", and certainly would not be comapring yourself to other women. How often is a man really looking at "it" anyways? And chances are he is probably self conscious about his looks too. I think that there are a lot of women out there with this same concern/issue, and again, I don't think there is anything to worry about!

    Hang in there!
    dfgbull responded:
    From a man's perspective --- No vagina is ugly!!! Every woman is different and as a man I think all of them are beautiful. Your larger clitoris could be why you are so orgasmic (another turn on for almost every man). As for the hair it is possible that you have a larger than average level of testosterone in your system. (this would also account for your increased libido). Unless your chest/stomach looks like fur most men won't even notice (a few hairs are not a turnoff). I realize that saying don't worry about it sounds impossible, but don't worry about it.
    Retiredin2000 replied to dfgbull's response:
    Yes, could be high "T": I love a large clitoris! My wife's clitoris engorges when excited and I love it! I like giving her oral and a large clitoris is wonderful to run my tougue around, and suck on! She doesn't complain either........
    jonlor responded:
    Don't worry my wife has a huge clitoris and a very long inner labia that curls in her panties, and I think it looks very sexy, she is also very hairy in in her pubic area and the top of her thighs, but waxes, and that solves the problem
    laurenkathleen replied to Bennysantiago's response:
    No, not a lot. But it is noticeable, and darker on my stomach than my legs or any other area on my body for some reason. Like I said, I shave/wax/pluck so it's not there anymore, but I am SO sick of the hair removal process!

    Thanks for the reply.
    laurenkathleen replied to Anon_123366's response:
    Thank you! Hearing from someone else like me does make me feel better. What you said about stretching/pulling/tearing during intercourse - ouch! So sorry to hear that. That has never happened to me... but I have never had sex with a man before. I identify as a lesbian and have only had female sexual partners. However, there is always penetration involved from her to me (manual or with a toy), and again that's never happened. Hopefully it won't!

    Thanks again for replying!
    laurenkathleen replied to dfgbull's response:
    Thanks for saying that. I agree that no vagina is ugly... yet when it comes to mine, I get self-conscious. Ugh, such is the nature of humanity, I suppose.

    I do think you're right that the large clitoris could be at least partially responsible for my being so orgasmic - in which case, I definitely shouldn't complain! If a clitoris on the larger side results in blindingly intense orgasms in the double digits, I'd be an idiot to complain about that.

    Thanks again!
    WickettWI replied to laurenkathleen's response:
    And I am sure that there are a lot of women who would love to have multiple orgasms as you do!! Heck, I am jealous! I am lucky to have 2 sometimes!

    It's good to hear from a male's perspective, and how it's actually a turn on to some. I was never really that self conscious about it, but then again, never really had a man comment on things "down there", so sometimes I kind of wonder what men thought. I didn't want to ask of course because I was afraid of hearing anything negative, and then being even more self conscious about it.
    wonderingaboutthis responded:
    Dear laurenkathleen,

    I have been fortunate enough to have had several sex partners over my lifetime, and I can tell you from a man's point of view that the absolutely is no such thing as "ugly" female genitalia - every woman is unique and all are visual dynamite to me and many men like me.

    I realize you identify as lesbian, so attractiveness to males isn't as high on your priority list, But I also think other bi or lesbian women must think somewhat the same as us guys when it comes to the visual aspects of their partner's genitals. That being said, as far as your longer labia, you should know that to me and many men like me, they are a huge turn-on, My most memorable sexual encounters were with women with very large or long inner labia, they cannot be beat for oral sex and are visually erotic as can be. I am married to a woman with extremely large and fleshy inner labia, and to me they are one of her special features that make me so happy to have her.

    Also, there is nothing like seeeing a clitoris engorge with blood and become very large. Again, a visual turn-on and a functional asset for you to be sure. As an oral sex lover, I have been with women with whom I had to search for her clit, and it was difficult to keep it at front and center to stimulate for her. Yours would be a welcome shange to that!

    Nipple hair, as you say, pluck them and they're gone. As far as your tummy hair, I for one love to see it. I dated a young woman who had a narrow stripe of pubic hair that went all the way from her bush to her belly button, and it was an incredible turn-on. I looked at it like a sign of powerful sexiness and fertility, as if nature had drawn a line pointing down to her vagina, as in "the treasure is buried here". To me it would be especiually enticing if you were fully shaved below, with only the stripe running between your navel and your

    Above all, don't stress about what your sexual parts look like, I can guaranmtee you that there are women or men out there that will absolutely love what you have to offer them, and wouldn't want you any other way. If the shaving/waxing/ plucking on your belly is a pain, stop doing it, and allow your lovers to see the real you - if they are sexually interested in you, no hair or certain lip size or certain clitoris size is going to make a difference, other than making you deliciously unique and memorable.
    Bennysantiago replied to laurenkathleen's response:
    No compliants no problem! Keep on turning on those men and driving them crazy lol!
    daps1010 replied to Bennysantiago's response:
    Response to Laurenkathleen's reuest for advice

    First, let me say that I'm not a medical doctor or working in the area of health. However, I read a lot and have seen some of the things in women that you mentioned and therefore I feel obligated to share this with you now.

    Your condition (enlarged/large clitoris, hair growing in nipple area, and stomach) appears to be a sign of Polycytic Ovarie Syndrome (PCOS).

    PCOS Symtoms include:
    Enlarged clitoris
    Trouble to get pregnant
    Decreased breast size
    Male-pattern baldness
    Deepening voice
    Irregular periods (you may not see periods for months)
    Swollen ovaries
    Swollen clitoris

    Health Conditions:
    High blood pressure
    High cholesterol
    Weight gain and obesity

    There may be other issues related to your existing conditions and I therefore I suggest that you read up on PCOS further in the interest of your health. The fact that you have a more than average size clitoris and hair growing on your nipples, stomach, and you did not mention that you were growing hair on chin/facial hair which is also a symptom of PCOS as well.

    Thanks for sharing your expereince and asking for advice.

    Best of luck in your reading.

    Zarathustra responded:
    The only reason you really have for surgical intervention arises if during intercourse you inner labia are dragged into your vagina, a very painful thing to happen. Perhaps the discomfort experienced wearing some kinds of clothing may also be a valid reason, but apart from that, stay as you are.
    Fezine responded:
    Is your period regular? Those symptoms sound like you have polycystic ovary syndrome. No doubt you have more testosterone in your body. You could take birth control to even the hormones out.

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