Hard then soft
DJAA1953 posted:
I am in my late 50's and I have a problem of getting a great erection that lasts for about a few minutes and says goodbye and leaves us both hanging. We have a great sex life anywhere from once or twice a week. I can get her off but I only get off about 1-2 a month - max. I have tried ED meds and of different strengths but the results are the same.

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Retiredin2000 responded:
You could very well be low "T". I am in my upper 60's and am getting treatment for low "T" and the results are great. The doctor put my "T" up to where it was in my 30's and my desire and performance is at that level too. My wife loves it.
Torcal responded:
Have your Testosterone level checked before you take amy drugs. "Low T" is an advertising slogan. They real T level can be checked by a simple blood test. Mine is at a very homal and healthy level and I have your problem too. It's part of growing older.

I do know that a cock ring works. It is a round rubber band that looks like an o-ring gasket. They come in all sizes and styles to fit your anatomy. When your erection becomes very hard slip the ring around the base of your penis. The constriction will not allow the blood to flow out of your penis until you release the ring. In the meantime you and yours can have a lot of sexual pleasure. They are sold at sex shops, but if you don't want to be seen in one Google "sex toys" and you will discover a whole new world.