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Smaller penis and Larger Testes after Vasectomy
spammyluke posted:
I had a vasectomy in 2009. It was a success. About 5 months later I noticed that my penis seemed to be smaller and my scrotum larger and tighter. Is that normal? I have looked online for answer but could not fine any. I did take Cipro after the procedure. Any ideas?
An_249819 responded:
I lost about 2 inches and almost all libido after my vasectomy. I've been too embarrassed to discuss it.
elle0317 replied to An_249819's response:
Have you gained weight since the operation? Weight gain can cause the apperance of a smaller penis b/c of the extra fat around the base. My hubby had this done and it didn't affect his size at all. I don't believe the vascetomy is to blame, no man would have it done it that were true!
rhondamay responded:
I doubt any shrinkage of your penis and the fact you had a vasectomy are connected. Maybe something else is going on that is not connected to the vasectomy.

About two years after our second child was born my husband had a vasectomy and it certainly had no effect on his penis size, testicle size or libido. If anything happened, the psychological benefit of no more concerns about birth control may have enhanced his libido. I know it increased mine.

Sorry but I have to call "B.S." on this one. What makes a man a man is the hormones that have developed and maintained the male characteristics. These help develop the facial hair, genital development, lower voice, and so on. Since a vasectomy has nothing to do with these things, it can't affect a man's "maleness."

JoBu72 replied to An_249819's response:
I had the exact same experience in 2011. I've looked everywhere for answers and everyone just says. "I've never heard of that before" It is embarrassing to speak about and the responses don't help. It's very frustrating! This is not something that I made up in my mind. It is fact. I know because my wife and I measured my penis one night just out of curiosity and for laughs. I noticed the difference immediately after the healing process was over. Obviously this is not a common occurrence or vasectomys would not be so popular. I just want to make sure others know that it has happened to me too. If there is anyone with real answers and not just slander please jump in.
nohard replied to JoBu72's response:
Hi Jobu, I don't think you an put this down to the vas op, penis shrinkage is just of these things that happen to the odd man. but if you want to regain your length try jelqing and stretching, for more info go to , this is not a quick fix, it will take time but you could get back to what you had and plus some.

But a warning if you don't follow what you are told to do, and when they say, you could end up with ED.

If you do go ahead your in for the long haul, but with luck your get there.

Just go to site have a good look round and read on the forums and look at the photos.

Hope this helps you.

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