trouble in bed.
An_243103 posted:
I am haveing trouble in bed with my wife i seem to keep cumming too fast and not wanting to do so. id much rather last alot longer for her and make her happy but im unsure as to why its occuring or what i can do to correct it? i really could use some help here.
bob249 responded:
Take your time building the passion in Both ...

Lots of kissing and caressing ...

S-l-o-w-l-y kiss your way from her lips to her thighs

with stops at her ears, neck, tummy and thighs

culminating with oral pleasure that leaves her shaking and gasping for breath.

When you cum thirty seconds later, she's not likely to have any concerns.

If that doesn't work, then repeat as soon as you're able.

Gotta go - my Lady was reading over my shoulder and she is requiring similar treatment!