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Have you ever faked it?
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
Have you ever faked an orgasm? If you have, did you feel as though you were deceiving your partner in some way? What are some reasons why you faked it?

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Anon_125014 responded:
I came close to faking one once--but my S/O realized I wasn't enjoying myself that much before we got to that point. I've never faked my response (or lack of one) again. At the time, I was exhausted. I'd been up for 32hrs studying for finals (on top of pulling all nighters for the majority of the week), exams were now over, and he wanted to celebrate.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I realized pretty quickly I was just too tired to respond the way I usually did. It didn't seem fair to me to pull the plug on him, so I pretended I was enjoying myself like normal--and he caught on. He wasn't mad at me, and wasn't offended, but he definitely made sure I was aware of his stance on faking it: Never a good thing, and never do it again. Then we cuddled for a bit, and spent the rest of the night passed out in each other's arms.

When I was faking, I didn't feel like a was deceiving my partner. The added sound effects were just my way of compensating for the desire I felt, but was too worn out to express physically. That was the night I found out I'm never too tired for sex; but I can be too tired to climax. Now when that happens, we take a rain check, keep things at cuddle level, then blow each other's minds after I've gotten some rest.
queston responded:
A man's perspective: never fake it.

If he is a sensitive and generous lover, then he will want sex to be satisfying for both partners, and, if it's not, faking won't fix anything, since he won't know that something needs to change. You're actually denying him the opportunity to do what he wants to do, which is to learn how to please you.

If he's not a sensitive and generous lover, then he doesn't care about your pleasure anyway, so why even bother faking?

It's just not a good strategy all around. I would be very offended if I learned that my partner was faking.
jss123 responded:
As a man I've faked it. I got away with it as I was wearing a condom.

My girlfriend at the time wanted another round of sex soon after I last ejaculated and no matter what I tried I couldn't ejaculate again.

I have no problem getting another erection soon after having an orgasm, but having a second orgasm so soon after the first is impossible for me.

She was trying everything as well to make me orgasm so I gave a big groan and pretended I had ejaculated.

For some reason she felt it was her fault which is why I did it.

I quickly disposed of the condom before she could see anything.

Am I the only man who has ever done this on this board ?
An_243740 replied to jss123's response:
respect you alot cause most men would not have put that out there.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Nope, never had to. I've been with more than one man and only two of them really cared if I orgasmed or not. I can usually tell if it isn't going to happen and I'll tell DH that it's not happening so we can move on to other things.
j5dc2 responded:
Here is an insight, according to this article, why women fake it.
jimmmym replied to Anon_125014's response:
After being widowed I met and married a wonderful woman who was always receptive to sex. I had some difficulties and on some occasions just couldn't maintain an erection. We have now been married 5 years still enjoy sex even if just cuddling nude on many mornings without the need to procede any further. I admit I have tried to fake an orgasm but it just didn't work. I could always feel when my wife had one as there would be a lot of increased moisture. She is very understanding and if I can't finish with her she will encourage me to masturbate while she watches. That is always a turnon for her and for me as well. Life is too short to not enjoy your partner no matter what the outcome may be.
dfromspencer replied to jss123's response:
No, you are not the only one who has ever faked. I too have had to do it several times over the years. Yes ladies, a man can be too tired or whatever to perform to a climax. Despair not! For the most part, men wouldn,t fake this on a bet. And one more thing, we, "men" do want, and desire to please our mates always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jss123 replied to dfromspencer's response:
I agree entirely. I think that is why most people (men and women) fake it.
amiller8698 responded:
I honestly have quite a bit.My partner already has an issue of going to quick and leaves me hanging majority of the time. If he doesnt go within five min he has a hard time keeping it up.I feel bad and dont know what to do for this issue. He already gets very frustrated with himself (I cant help it) is usually what i will get. so i fake it to make him feel better....
jaquelynny replied to amiller8698's response:
understand how this is so frustrating, be careful not to get too upset or visibly frustrated with him. 2 things that might help, do a just for him round 1 then a bit later one for you, whether he finishes or not. or get yourself superworked up by any means and then hop on the saddle and enjoy your five minute ride.
jaquelynny responded:
many times. regardless i am faking for his benefit. i want him to think i am enjoying it even tho i am tired or it hurts.we cant always do it my way. sometimes guys want stuff that makes us uncomfortable, i want to support that need.

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