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Vasectomy - How do I know its successful
Anon_6207 posted:

I had my post-vasectomy sperm count test done on Friday.
Was quite embarrassing.
(Was directed to a toilet with a container and told to
masturbate into it).

How do I know its been successful ?
My urologist didn't really tell me before/after the vasectomy.
I was just told to do a sperm count 3 months afterwards.
( After abstaining from sex/masturbation for 3 days).

|'ve seem various articles stating it must be completely sperm free, some say the count must a certain level.
I also heard sometimes you need to go back for a second test.

Can anyone on the forum comment..
elle0317 responded:
Your Dr will call you when the results are in and advise you of your next step, if any. Yes, you may have to take the test couple of times before you are clear of sperm but your Dr will tell you that.
dharmadan responded:
Yes, you should be asked to return for a second test, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.
Anon_4048 responded:
Yes - you will get a call. There's nothing quite as funny as picking up the phone in your office and having the nurse on the other end say - "Mr.'re sperm free." It's a good laugh.

If you have to get tested again, pick up a container at the doctor's office beforehand and get some help. Again, there's something funny about telling your wife, "I must masturbate for medical reasons - if you care about my health - you'll help me." At least my wife thought it was funny.
fcl replied to Anon_4048's response:
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
jss123 replied to Anon_4048's response:
My wife thought it was hilarious when I told her I had to make the sample in the pathologist's office toilet.
My pathologist actually insisted the sample had to be made on-site.
What was even funnier was the container they gave me to use was very narrow so I had to aim very carefully. I wasn't about to ask for a wider container

I'm still waiting for the results though.
I thought I'd have them by now.

I've never had sex without a condom before (I'm 41 BTW) so I'm actually not sure what to expect. Should be interesting.
Its going to be like losing my virginity all over again
jss123 responded:
Unfortunately my tests show sperm in my sample. Sigh.
Been told to do another in a months time.
elle0317 replied to jss123's response:
that's not unusual, our Dr told my husband the more you ejaculate, the sooner the sperm is flushed out.
rest2010 responded:
you have to fe completely sperm free. It only takes 1 sperm to fertilize the egg, and there must be none!
jss123 replied to rest2010's response:
I see your point, still a bit frustrating.
My doctor didn't tell me much at my pre-vasectomy consultation.
He just said I needed to have a test at around 3 months.
He made no mention of having to ejaculate to clear out all remaining sperm until I get a sperm free test.

Although I've ejaculated probably about 20 times in that period I would have deliberately masturbated lots more to make sure that the first test would be sperm free.

Can anyone give me some idea of how many ejaculations that will be needed to get a sperm free test ?
Anon_4048 replied to jss123's response:
Again, this sounds like another fun situation, "Honey, the doctor says I have to ejaculate more often. If you care about my health, you'll help me with this..."

It sounds like you're heading for new territory without a condom, so it should be fun once the test passes. However, I think that caution until you pass is a wise choice.
jss123 replied to Anon_4048's response:
I finally went for my second test as was declared sperm free on Friday.
Extremely embarrassing though.
While I was busy masturbating to make the sample someone knocked on the door wanting to use the staff toilet they sent me to !
Its no wonder a LOT of men don't go back for their post-vasectomy tests !!

Must say though I'm looking forward to not using a condom for the first time. Its going to take some getting used to.

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