Bladder infections after sex
An_210686 posted:
I have had bladder infections since I was 12 years old. But now I have sex one or two times with my husband and I have an infection. I have done everything that I have been told, from showering before, wipe from front to back, pee afterwords, etc. I is so frustrating! My husband feels bad that I end up with and infection. He even went to the doctor to make sure there wasn't something going on with him. My doctor had me on a low dose antibotic and it seemed to help for awhile, then I was diagnoised with breast cancer three years ago. I had a mastectomy and chemo. I've been getting reports back, no cancer! Ya! I've been on tamoxifen and have to be on it for another 2 years to put me through menopause. I never had a yeast infection in my life before the chemo. But now, I'm also dealing with them on a regular basis because I am always getting bladder infections, then take antibotic for the bladder and then I have to treat a yeast infections. A viscious cycle! I have tried supplements to help with the bladder infections and the yeast infections, but nothing seems to help! My doctor tells me that this is normal and I can't do anything for it. Does anyone have any advice!

We have been married 30 years with no children. All I want to have a normal sex life with my husband without having all the infections!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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alaska_mommy responded:
Oh man I can so relate! Unless I take a daily antibiotic I get an infection EVERY TIME we have sex. It got to where hubby didn't want to anymore because he didn't want to hurt me. Make an appointment with a urologist or see if your doctor can put you on a maintenance dose of the antibiotics. In my experience (been on & off them since I was a kid), your body gets used to the antibiotics and manages the yeast infections after awhile. I rarely get one. That may just be me, IDK.
But yeah, get some regular antibiotics going, stat! I didn't get this with my regular doc but got it with an appt to a urologist.
BTW I have duplicated kidneys on both sides, with duplicate ureters too. This precipitates my problem. I am working with a urologist to try to surgically fix what the cause of the infections is.
PS I tried everything with regards to non-antibiotic treatments for UTI's after I got married too...nothing worked for me either. Same thing...shower, pee, water, cranberries, vitamin C, acidophilous, garlic, you name it. The only thing that worked for me is antibiotics. And now that I take them regularly, I never get an infection. Yay! Make sure what you're on works for you---if you keep getting them, ask to switch to a different med. There are so many out there.