Annoying discharge
Fifilove posted:
I have had this annoying discharge for about 4 years. I wear pads 24/7. Recently had d & c. My uterine lining was too thick & a couple of polyps were found. Most of time it is brownish & has odor. Not sure if it's vaginal or possibly anal. Also on 2 different occasions, about 2 - 3 tbsp of liquid have come out towards end of intercourse. I don't even feel it coming out. This is sooo annoying! I'm ready to get all new parts. Has anyone else experienced this?
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fcl responded:
What did your doctor say when you had your last PAP smear test?
Fifilove replied to fcl's response:
My last PAP was good.
fcl replied to Fifilove's response:
Yes, but what was the doctor's opinion concerning this discharge?