Think too much before orgasm
An_210698 posted:
Just before I'm able to orgasm, my brain starts to think, and over think, and I literally stop the orgasm from happening. I can't seem to get past that fencetop. What can I do to reach that peak of excitement and then allow myself to feel the satisfaction?
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LeeLou25 responded:
I have this happen to me also. I just have to keep trying, concentrating, and hope my man waits lol. I think the only time I dont have to concentrate so hard is when it just happens without me thinking I was that close...which is always really nice.
veryinquisitive responded:
I have had the same problem when I start worrying about whether I'll be able to climax, especially when receiving oral sex. I always worry that I'll take too long or worry that my significant other will get too tired & stop before it happens. I found it helpful to close my eyes & concentrate on how great it feels or stimulate my partner @ the same time.
georgiagail replied to veryinquisitive's response:
A small glass of wine before intimacy may help. A large quantity will numb important body parts.