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Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Be sure to check out the Community News Blog and the WebMD Welcome Exchange
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MerryContrary responded:
Too confusing. I may quit coming here. Merry Contrary
69angel69 replied to MerryContrary's response:
Yeah Merry, I have to agree. This set up is way too confusing. I can't find my people!!! Ugh. Help. mhtyler, how are you coping with this. I miss my people.
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to 69angel69's response:
69angle69 which board did you post on before? You can look to see which exchange that board went to here on our Find Your Exchange page.
mjh365 replied to MerryContrary's response:
I agree, I'm not liking this. Guess I will visit less often.
An_210643 replied to mjh365's response:
I do not care for all the discussions grouped in to one. I like couples coping separate from sex discussions.
mhtyler2 replied to An_210643's response:
Some idiot in marketing said, "hey I know, we'll BRAND ourselves and create a new term. We'll call it an exchange! You can have different exchanges, and it will be all new and exciting! We'll be able to bump our ad revenues up too!

Looks like we're the casualties.
Jessegirl01 responded:
Mark & everyone else: I agree completely! I am not liking our usual boards "grouped" together. I always thought that the "friends" and "members" should merge, but this is crazy! I can't find any of the posts I was following-up on. I don't think I'll be visiting anywhere near as much as I used to. Maybe we will get lucky and they will listen to us and take our opinions to heart!....Let's hear from more "regulars" and get their opinions.
Pam_WebMD_Staff replied to Jessegirl01's response:
Meggy2Flyy responded:
At first I thought everyone was just complaining about nothing. But I've been trying to find my regulars and old posts and I'm so lost! I have to agree, I want old WebMD back. :(
BabyLovesPrada replied to Meggy2Flyy's response:
I Agree!!!! and I do NOT like the grouping, I read this at work! and purposefully stay away from certain boards here. I am so disoriented and honestly, I do not have the time or energy right now to try and figure this out
LoveMyIssues replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
Good suggestion, but big problem: Neither of the boards I participated in regularly have been continued: Sexual Issues: Member to Member and Sexuality: Friends Talking. Did you throw away all those entries and responses? If so, that was irresponsible. There was a lot of collective wisdom there.
MerryContrary replied to 69angel69's response:
I miss them too! Where is LMI?? I always enjoyed his comments.
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to LoveMyIssues's response:
Both those boards were fed into this board, so if you go to "see all discussions" on the left hand side. You should be able to go back a few pages and see posts from those boards here.

We didn't throw them out at all, they are still here.

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