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    Premature ejaculation- helpful hints
    Karen Luster, MD posted:
    Several things that can help
    1. Condoms with benzocaine. This is similar to medicine the dentist use for numbing. It is at a lower dose and can cause decrease sensitivity that can help prolong erections. Don't worry. You will still be able to "feel". These tend to be marketed as extended performance or pleasure. If you are still not sure, your local pharmacist can help you.
    2. Some people also try the oral numbing medication that is used for teething babies. They come flavored. You would just apply a bit around the head of the penis. The way it works is the same as the condoms but a slightly higher dose of numbing medication.
    Your partner mouth will get numb if they come in contact with either of the above.

    1. Soft/ silicone penile rings- if you have no vascular problems you can try these. You will have to get them at a novelty or adult store, or internet. It should not be tight to the point of any discomfort.

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    khigdon responded:

    Me and my husband have been married for almost a month and we are having the opposite problem of premature ejaculation. It takes us about an hour to have sex before he ejaculates. By that time I am hurting and it is not enjoyable. We have used a form of benzocaine on me so that I can hold out but it just interrupts me. Any tips on how we can have sex without taking forever?
    tiara55 replied to khigdon's response:
    2 things. both problems can be related to histamine levels. for men who have high histamine levels, they often have premature ejaculation problems. The amino acid methionine can lower histamine levels and slow them down.
    to raise histamine levels, which can help women who are slow to orgasm also, the amino acid histidine can help.
    arginine can also help both sexes orgasm more quickly as it can raise NO levels.
    caution, all these amino acids can have negative reactions in some people. do web searches for contraindications and talk to a health care professional who is familiar with amino acids and their effects.
    HimeSavvy responded:
    With the exception of baby orajel, we have tried everything for my husband's premature ejaculation. My husband helped me from becoming a sex addict and after five years of rarely getting off it gets more frustrating every day. To be sure, we'll try the orajel thing tonight. Is there anything else that can help??? I love him so much and I have never cheated on him nor him me. I don't think I could ever find anyone as wonderful as he is. Please help us.
    isabellin replied to khigdon's response:
    fcl responded:
    Here's my list of helpful hints to try to avoid premature ejaculation:

    • Masturbate before having sex.

    • Stop every time you feel you're getting close and change positions.

    • Learning to breathe deeply through your nose might slow down your excitement and make you last longer.

    • Once you're inside your partner, use circular motions rather than simple thrusting ones so that you'll get more of an overall stimulation rather than just having the head of your penis stimulated.

    • Sometimes the choice of position can make a difference - men are less sensitive (and have less control) when the woman is on top. Try that.

    • Condoms can cut down on sensitivity too. Maybe if you wore one it might help?

    • Then there's the squeeze technique -

    • You could learn to do Kegels -!thdchild=.59ab6139

    • When you feel you're getting close ask your partner to press on your is perineum.
    There must be hundreds more of this kind of technique and they're all worth trying because you never know what will work for you. However, do remember that some take a lot of regular work (like Kegels and the squeeze technique) so you need to be pretty dedicated (it could be weeks before you see an improvement ...).
    fcl replied to fcl's response:
    It would be kind of nice if WebMD could do something about their formatting options. It bums me somewhat when I post a nice even bulleted list and it ends off looking like the above ... Sigh.
    crewcut3591 replied to fcl's response:
    I last longer with my wife on top. Its become our favorite position and I get to see and touch her breasts as well.
    queston replied to crewcut3591's response:
    Agree. My staying power is very different in different positions. I can last a long time in cowgirl or if I'm standing beside the bed and she's lying on her back on the bed.

    Missionary is somewhere in between. I come the fastest in any of the variations on rear entry. Unfortunately, those tend to be my wife's favorites, so we usually start in one or more different positions and finish in one of the rear-entry positions. Also, she doesn't want to do cowgirl a lot of the time--I think she thinks it' "too much work."
    fuzzyguy responded:
    My doctor prescribed Zoloft.
    I take 25mg daily. It has really helped.

    We also use ribbed condoms sometimes. The extra stimulation helps my wife, and the condom also decreases my sensitivity a bit.
    alaska_mommy replied to fuzzyguy's response:
    It seems like just about every antidepressant has that effect, to my everlasting chagrin. I'm on Zoloft for depression, and if I do any higher than 25 mg I can't orgasm.
    fuzzyguy replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    I am blessed.
    I started on 50 mg and then, on my own, reduced it to 25 mg.
    I am still able to orgasm and the extended time make it much more satifying.

    I will be 70 this month. I guess that most people think that premature ejaculation is a young man's problem. It has been my problem since my very first sexual experience.
    phantom9122 replied to HimeSavvy's response:
    @HimeSavvy....Hi there , I am not sure if your husband has tried something called "China Brush" liquid. Your husband has to apply a very thin layer on his penis, approximately half an hour to an hour before intercourse and it will help him not ejaculate premature. But tell him to wash off after some time. This will hopefully help. You can get china brush bottle in china town . Or else he can also try doing Kegel exercises. With time it will help him too. Good luck.
    goldberg911 replied to HimeSavvy's response:
    I can tell you one thing that might work. I got this surprise when my gf and I started having sex regularly about 5 years ago. Maybe the third or forth time we had sex, about 20 minutes in she started pinching the hell out of my side and I immediately said Ow, what the hell are you doing. She said "oops" and that she used to have to do that for her ex to keep him from blowing so early.
    *Use at your own risk, I like a good deal of kink and this didn't feel good at all and it would have probably made me go soft if she continued. Hope this helps
    PS men are visual try blindfolding him.
    fuzzyguy replied to fcl's response:
    I have had an issue wiht premature ejacuation since I was a kid. I've mentioned before that I use 25 mg Zoloft and that sometimes my wife and I will use a ribbed condom. One thing that I have not mentioned id that I am not circumcised and that I keep my foreskin retracted 24/7 to desensitize my self a bit.
    Last Sunday afternoon, we were having a great time in bed, but I was getting close to coming too soon. I suggested to my wife that we take a short break for champange and chocolate, which we did for about 20 minutes. When we went back to bed to finish, it was fantastic. Try taking a break to cool things down a bit. It might help.

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