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sex drive
An_251857 posted:
my boyfriend and i always had sex and in two minutes he discharge
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An_261112 responded:
fast and the furious. He should focus on giving you the pleasure he can offer, and by that its one of the technique to last longer in bed. He should try not to focus on him. its like you over him in the equation. its all in the mind.
oldbiguy replied to An_261112's response:
It's not uncommon for a woman to have a stronger sex drive and stamina then her male partner.
queston replied to An_261112's response:
No, it's not all in the mind. It's physical sensations, and people have limited ability to control how their bodies respond to physical sensations.

Some men can train themselves to delay orgasm substantially, and some cannot.

The typical duration for intercourse leading to ejaculation for men is 2 to 8 minutes.

There are things your boyfriend can do to try to prolong intercourse. One of the most effective is to ejaculate more often, especially shorty before he expects to have intercourse. The right time interval depends on the individual and can be discovered by trial and error.

He most imoortant thing is that you and he should practice "ladies first." If he brings you to, or very nearly to, orgasm with hepis fingers, mouth, toys, etc., BEFORE intercourse, than you should both find your lovemaking more satisfying.
queston replied to oldbiguy's response:
But sex drive and "stamina" (how long it takes to reach orgasm) are two completely separate things.
oldbiguy replied to queston's response:
That is why I said "sex drive and stamina" not sex drive/stamina. Sex drive urge/desire (how much you want it), stamina is endurances (how long you can keep going). Most men want to believe that they have more stamina then women, but the reality is the when it comes to sex most women are like the Energizer Bunny — they can keep going and going and going. And when it comes to Sex drive/desire, don't be fooled by the old myth that most women don't want sex, they want good skilled sex partner that can satisfy them (not Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am then roll off them) just as much, if not more than any man.


If you can't separate Sex and Love — What happens to the Love when you are Older and the Sex is gone?
nohard responded:
Hi two places you can go for help, one is on here you look under exercises for edging, its something you can help him with as two can play, so you would be helping him and have some sexual fun at the same time.
And two would be on here you look down the left hand side your looking for lasting longer it could be with ED or penis size, it come in the form of posts and answers.

Good Luck

Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.

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