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    Lost my sex drive
    36andneedhelp posted:
    I am a 36 year old healthy and active male and my sex drive is completely gone. It is difficult for me to get and stay hard even with my gf trying to stimulate me. I used to have no problem getting an erection but it seems around a month ago everything just stopped working. I love sex but just have not felt the urge I used to feel please help
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    nohard responded:
    Hi To try and help can you think of any think that may of happened, have you gone on any meds, any kind of illness.
    I got something like the same from very bad night sweats, which did lead to ED,
    Anything would be a help.
    36andneedhelp replied to nohard's response:
    No illness or meds. I did start taking a preworkout supplement which I have since stop taking. I am in a bit of a stressful time w a marriage that is ending. But I have noticed I having night sweats lately. I can occasionally get an erection but it is not like before. Is this something I should talk to a doctor about.
    nohard replied to 36andneedhelp's response:
    Hi Then from what your saying it could be the stress, its a real sex killer.
    My nights sweats we like, a flood you could have sailed me out of the bed, this went on for 3 weeks.
    You may just have to wait till thing get back to normal, but in the mean time google natural ways out of stress, you could find some help to de-stress your self.
    If your still getting nocturnal erections or morning woods, then its just the stress.

    Good Luck
    billnjenn replied to 36andneedhelp's response:
    to answer your last question, probably.
    You may want to give it a couple more weeks and see if your condition is returning to what was normal for you. If not I would see a doctor.
    During those weeks you can try dealing with the stress better with some relaxation techniques.
    Make sure you take information about the supplements with you if you see a doctor as many have side effects that you describe.
    There are also simple tests to see if you have erections during your sleep that would help eliminate some possible problems.
    But at your age, this is not typical and I would not wait too long to see a physician. A couple weeks to see if stopping the supplements and dealing with the stress have changed anything.
    dfromspencer replied to 36andneedhelp's response:

    My brother had something similar happen to him. After many different tests, many different doctors, and many different clinics and hospitals, they finally found out what it was! He had a mas on his pituitary gland?! It is a delicate operation, he made it through that, and is now getting a reaction from Levitra. He can finally have sex with his fianc? once again! Oohwee, some of the fights they used to have, would of curled your hair! But, thankfully, they both loved each other enough to weather the storm! They signed the application for the marriage license two days ago, so any day now?!!!

    I wish you tons of luck with this!!!! Stay positive!!!


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