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Become in charge of your sexual programs
jacqui_olliver posted:
Knowing how to control the sexual programs in your brain is paramount in solving any sexual problems. There is always a connection between your thought and the action/program which then occurs in your body.

What you need is an exact procedure - this enables you to take back control after an incorrect thought - so you never lose control completely.
Specialized Solutions for Permanently Solving Sex Problems
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kramer1961 responded:
What exactly is an incorrect thought??

nohard responded:
H Jacqui. I always thought sex was to be spontaneous and best that way.
Planned sex with incorrect thoughts would be a sex killer, either giving the man PE or the women missed orgasms, now neither want these, egg on face and so on.
Is this how you have sex then? with an exact procedure? and no incorrect thoughts?

bigred53 replied to nohard's response:
Hi there Nowhard my friend! Now you know that young couples with small children and busy lives sometimes have to plan ahead.

Imo Jacqui is trying to show us how much she 'knows' in order to possibly drum up some business. I really don't think she is a Webmd monitor. Some of her posts are trite and not very informative. Of course tis is only my opinion.

Nowhard I hope things are well with you and your wife. Also spontaneous and fun!

stevesmw replied to nohard's response:
Jacqui should provider a more in depth explanation of her terms. Spontaneous sex is how it is shown in movies.
For most couples, there are hurdles to get over. A woman who has difficulty orgasming needs to focus on her physical response and nothing else. Her partner needs to provide whatever stimulation she asks for to enhance her experience.
A man who orgasms to quickly needs to first satisfy his partner orally or manually and then focus on his physical response in order to develop control. A man who has difficulty orgamsing needs to satisfy his partner and then focus on his physical response and nothing else. Ideally, for either partner who has difficulty orgasming should have pleasurable thoughts preferably about their partner, but any imagery that gets the job done should be employed.

I have gone from someone that orgasms to quickly to someone who has difficulty orgasming (at least during masturbation). I have an inventory of sexual images that I use to orgasm. For me, it is situations from my past where I didn't have sex with a person, but possibly could have and they are excellent fantasies.

Negative thoughts to stop orgasming are a bad idea.
Negative thoughts; distractions, bad memories can make it really difficult to orgasm. I put physical sensation way above thoughts.
nohard replied to bigred53's response:
Hi Michelle, always spontaneous, its has to be with ED hiding round the back, get hard have sex=spontaneous and always fun, has to be with to dogs under our feet.

But that's life, just filling the pool so pool sex soon, yes

Know what you mean about here answers, I think she's holding back to much, needs to be a bit more friendly, just like us?

Do you know what an incorrect thought is? perhaps its some kind of new position?

bigred53 replied to nohard's response:
Hi Nowhard! I don't think any thoughts about sex are incorrect but I imaging there are folks out there that might have them.

I agree that spontaneous sex is a lot of fun, however, when a couple both work or have children you kind of have to plan a bit. You can be spontaneous with what you do together.

Oh my, pool sex. I haven't done that in just about forever. Not a good thing with a chlorine pool though. You and your sweetheart enjoy it for me.

I hope you have a wonderful day or evening.

nohard replied to bigred53's response:
Michele, Michelle, had kids yes they can get in the way, but Vaseline cures that? just put it on the door handle, little buggers cant get in the bedroom then, but we could still have sex with them running around on a Sunday morning in bed, see spontaneous.

But the pool is sea salt remember, very low chlorine, that's the way we love it, also sex in the sea on a hot afternoon is very nice, spontaneous.

And the day is going well.


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