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An_242684 posted:
I was 27 when I had sex for the first time with my now boyfriend. I had prepared to have sex before knowing it would be with him by being on the shot. I knew I could never do the pill and I was unsure about the NuvaRing, but my best friend was on the shot and she sung its praises. I love the shot and so does my boyfriend. Just know the side effects from the shot including potential weight gain and the potential for osteoporosis from extended/long-term use.

As for doing the deed with your guy. My guy didn't remember that I was virgin (I found out much later, even though I had told him) but he was really tender with me because that's just how he is. We went to third base several times for 2 months before having intercourse so I could get used to being with someone, being naked with someone, being with him, getting used to what he likes, and him getting used to (figuring out) what I like. When we finally did it, it was me on top to control the penetration, but it was really all him.

I grew up in a church that told me to wait until marriage, and while I did not wait until marriage, I did wait until the one. I didn't know he was the one at the time (that came later), but I'd had other opportunities that didn't pan out, but everything just fell into place with him. He is the most caring, considerate, understanding, FUNNY man I know. We complement each other so well.

I said all of that to say this: if its meant to be, it will happen. You are right to protect yourself. Find a method you can deal with. The shots don't hurt if the person knows what they're doing. But when it comes to having sex, when you're ready you'll know. And if the guy is the right guy, he'll wait as long as he has to. If he doesn't, it was the time or the guy and you just have to wait. I was 27 when I had sex with the best guy friend I ever had and now almost a year and a half later we're still together, talking about a future.

I hope this helps.
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levant responded:

I'm happy for you

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