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    Copper T not recomended !!!!!
    G4Ever posted:
    Even That I had this IUD for 9 years and did not get pregnant, I do not recomend it to anyone that is planing to have a family.I have been married for years already and could not take the IUD out until this week after paying a big amount of money and had it surgically removed, because it losted the string and nobody could find it. I been wanting to have family for years, but because of all of this pluss the money issue could not happen.It caused me a lot of pain during intimacy, also when I was with or without the period, a lot of tears and hard times, and if I am not mistaken it also caused me to have surgery 5 years ago to remove a part of my uterus because of an abnormal papsmear.I have also known that it is a cause of abortion, since most of the time the sperm reaches the egg and the IUD kills the embrion and feels like it is the period, but its not," it kills".This is completelly against God, when he said " do not kill", and I found out about it to late.You may have taken already the decision but it is never to late to take it back. I really had a bad experience, even that it does not happen to everybody but there is always the posibility of even worse results.Plan your life and put it in God's hands,don't do something you will regret later as I did. There are another methods as the Ritm ( protection needed(condom) from the 1st day of your period until the 16th day, then normal until the next period ), it may sound dificult but it works, and even more if you don't want to have any abnormal situations in the future.
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    georgiagail responded:
    All IUD's work the way you have described it, not just the copper IUD's.

    Your abnormal Pap smear had nothing to do with your IUD and more than likely because you had been infected with HPV.

    Whether how it works is "completely against God" is a personal, not medical issue.

    3point14 responded:
    So, it's OK for you to do it for almost a decade, but if anyone else wants to, it's interfering with Gods plan? Not really getting the logic on that.

    Isn't all sex for non-procreative purposes frowned upon by the version of God you're quoting? I mean, spilling the seed into a condom also kills it, right? So even just by seeking birth control options you're actually interfering with "the plan", right?

    I've had an IUD since February. It hurt moderately badly getting it put in, as my gyno explained to me. She also explained what to expect in the months and years after it was inserted, stressing the need to check the strings regularly and to still be seen yearly by a gyno. In fact, all this information is on this website to which you posted! So it's not like you couldn't have found out this information for yourself. It's really not that bad if you know what to expect and are an active participant in your reproductive health.

    An abnormal pap smear wouldn't be caused by any IUD, it's caused by HPV.
    BMEdork responded:
    I find this post offensive and ill-informed. I disagree with discouraging women from getting IUDs-- there are many appropriate scenarios to get an IUD. Personal beliefs and religions are just that, personal and not based on any medical facts to support or discourage IUD use, making the bulk of the above post irrelevant for this site.

    Not everyone loses the string to their IUD, and not everyone planning (ie choosing to discontinue IUD usage) a family (which has an average $250,000 cost to rear each child) will be financially burdened by surgical removal.

    In response to some of the other responses-- it is absolutely false that all abnormal pap smears are generated by HPV. I have had an abnormal pap smear and am negative for HPV. Abnormalities can be caused by any number of things, including including sex within 48 hours of your pap smear.

    There are many other much more well informed threads where women are discussing abnormal pap smears in the presence of an IUD. If you are another woman researching this (as I found myself doing today), please seek out these other threads which are far more helpful and insightful.

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