male sensation
spindo posted:
RE: male sensation. I began to loose sensation back in my 30's and found it then difficult to ejaculate. I asked my wife to tweak my nipples and that did the trick. Got divorced and after I got into my fifties I wasn't able to get an a full erection. So I just gave up for a few years.
I found with a lot of focus and viagra/cilalis etc. I was able to get an erection, and after I would arouse myself I can then have sex with my present wife. Still needed to focus PLUS tweak the nips in order to ejaculate. I'm happy. Low T might be an issue. I know mine is low and I have to leave it there cause of prostate cancer. I've also added an extra 50lbs. guess where? in the gut. That doesn't help either. Used Paxil for a time and it stopped ejaculation cause of SSRI's. As you can see there can be a # of factors. Age @ 65 doesn't seem to be an issue. Keep trying things and good luck.
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