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Do you believe in God?
runamok76 posted:
[TRIGGER] I was raised christian my whole life, most times i'm pretty sure God exists but I can't shake the doubt. Is it because I was raped at 7? sometimes I think they invented God just to keep people in line since people back in the day where so uneducated and superstitious and it worked and it stuck. No child should have to deal with being raped, and then your life is crap. If there is a God i'm not sure I want to know him.
I want more than just surviving.
Catmagic responded:
[TRIGGER] welcome to the board Run, glad you found us.

I am not going to touch on that subject as its triggering. Just wanted to welcome you.

Peace be the journey

slik_kitty responded:
[TRIGGER] yes i believe in god. what happened to us happened by man's hand, not by god's. god gave us free will and sadly alot of people choose to do the wrong things, and we get hurt. that doesn't mean there isn't a god.
iwanttostop responded:
[TRIGGER] i do believe in GOD, what happen to me was not done by God but people, although people can hurt me i don't believe they can heal me,( i know they can help) so i have to believe God is with me and guiding me to a safe place
ttsmile responded:
[TRIGGER] Yes, I do believe in God. He is who elps me get through each day. People make bad choices, and other suffer the consequences. Someone once told me that those moment where people were hurting us, God cried. We have free will. As another poster said, some people choose to use it for bad things.
WolfFaerie responded:
[TRIGGER] Welcome to the board! I believe in God also but I also struggle with how could God let this happen to me. Like you, I was abused at a young age and understand alittle about what you're going thru.
All I can offer is this you've come to a very safe place and you can settle your issues about God when you're ready to do so. Take care of yourself and offering safe hugs if okay?
writejessss responded:
[TRIGGER] I struggle with these issues a great deal myself. My abuse occured at the age of 4-5 years in a church house. To say that these men have messed with my head, especially spiritually and religiously, is an understatement. I'm fairly settled these days in my belief in God, but I still struggle a lot with the relationship part. I feel a lot of mistrust, anger, and fear (instilled by my abusers) toward God. Even when I believe that it wasn't God that wanted this to happen to me (because I was bad), I still struggle to understand how he could let it happen to me. I was so young, so innocent, and I prayed ever so hard for him to save me from what was happening, but he didn't. I know all of the arguments against these thoughts, about why the abuse was allowed to occur, but it all still hurts and I haven't made peace with it yet. I deperately want this peace, but the fear and mistrust of God is still very strong and I'm afraid to get too close.
WolfFaerie replied to writejessss's response:
[TRIGGER] I'm really struggling with this part of my life right now 'cuz I've reconnected with my half brother (share the same dad). I'm not saying it's a bad thing which it's not but it's stirred up so many old issues with my dad. Especially about him being Godlike figure that towered over me when he was in an abusive mood.
I also deal with mistrust fear anger issues at God about why he let this happen to me and why didn't he send someone to stop it.
Offering safe hugs if ok?
Peace ~Wolf

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