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really bad day
melisfit posted:
I got a letter from my dad. Stupidly I opened it. I thought maybe it was an apology. I guess I just wanted it to be. But instead he wrote all this junk about us being meant for each other and that he truly is the husband God intended for me and that soon he'll take me away and we'll be married and start our new life together. Then he wrote in very graphic and disgusting detail what our wedding night will be like and how much he's missed "making love" to me. He spent a lot description on my "beautiful long red hair" and he hopes our children will inherit it. I was just so disgusted and repulsed and frightened. I cut off my hair.(like that was really going to change anything) I apparantly have no skill for hair cutting, It looks awful. Nathan was shocked when he got home and saw it, but he told me I look cute w/short hair and that he'll take me to salon to have them fix it up a little. My dad can't possibly be right can he? That can't be what God wants for me? And if it was then why did He send me Nathan who I've loved all of my life?
slik_kitty responded:
your dad is not right. incest is wrong. so is adultery. it's one of the 10 commandments from god.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Kitty is right.

It might be a good idea to keep that letter to share with a therapist as part of your healing but, otherwise, put it away and don't give it any more of your energy.

If he sends you anything else, no matter how it is sent, don't even open it, just tuck it away to be worked on in therapy if/when a therapist thinks that may be helpful for you to see just how much of a monster he is.
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awesomelexie1 responded:
Oh wow. My heart hurts reading your post - how horribly abusive that is and how much it must hurt and mess with your mind to read!!

Your dad is sick, Melisfit. This has nothing to do with you. Does not reflect on you at all. You did nothing to deserve this.

He is wrong. He is completely wrong. All of it.

I agree with Kitty and Caprice.

You do not deserve what he is doing. The way he makes you feel now - the letters he sends - that is continued abuse. He is abusing you now by sending this to you.

You do not have to keep it a secret. This is HIS abuse. Not your shame.

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