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unknown19182 posted:
Well, last night when the flashbacks got to be too much I called the crisis line. We talked for awhile. She suggested that because of the duration of the abuse and the fact that it was repeated later on in life by someone else, I may have PTSD... (She said that she wasn't a medical professional so it wasn't a diagnosis or anything... Which I understand. It just made me think.)

I don't know. I had never considered it before. The people who abused me weren't physical, they didn't hit me or anything, it was more... emotional.

I've just been thinking about it since she said it. I haven't slept more than a couple hours a night for the last week or so. So my brain is mush at the moment, and with the extra time to think about things it only gets worse.

I just wanted to throw this out there.

There is always light in the darkness...
Its never fun to have a diagnosis added to ones list. It's kinda like suddenly having your secrets exposed and written down on paper for everyone to see. Proof of the inner turmoil.

PTSD is VERY common among abuse survivors (of any sort of abuse)....yet the common reasons people think of when hearing that diagnosis is...war veteran and survivor of long term massive abuse.

You can be labeled with that dx with a single one time episode of trauma.

Its presence is an indicator that there is work to be done to further ones healing.

peace be the journey

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unknown19182 replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
Hi Paja,

I was just talking to a counselor so I wasn't diagnosed with it officially but it was just making me think. I guess, like you mentioned, I think of more physical trauma and war victims when I hear PTSD.

So far I've only seen/talked to a counselor, not a therapist or anything... now I wonder if I'm going to have too.

Thanks for your input Paja! I appreciate it.

There is always light in the darkness...

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