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Being welcomed
tnmist posted:
Thank you, everyone, for welcoming me! I posted my story. Not sure where it shows up...I'm still learning the ins and outs of this site, ha. I'm trying to come up with a picture, too. I must say, your pictures and the reasons for them are awesome, truly. I think it's great to see a real face, but I also love the meanings behind the other pics that you have chosen to represent you. Not really brave enough to use my real mug shot or anything that will pinpoint exactly who I am, but I will think of something...
If you click on your user name it will take you to your story.
Also so it doesn't rattle you, if you look to the right and see the "spotlight: member stories" heading....that rotates and selects members from the pool so you may randomly be choosen.

Welcome to the board, glad you found us.

Healing from SA is like leaping out of an airplane without a parachute. You just decide one moment to go for it and you leap.

Its scary as hell and you feel like you are going to fall forever, but as you face it you realize you have wings and you can fly and you will land safetly.

...but for some of us, like you, you were buckled in your seat on the plane and suddenly with a loud BAM the whole side of the plane rips off and you were sucked out and sent spinning through the cold air.

Others leap with the coaxing of a therapist in a tandon leap, and once the hand hold on the plane is released they plumit down fast as the weight of all the baggage they carry. The therapist helps them shed the baggage and guides them in for a smooth landing.

How ever you get set on the path to healing doesn't matter. When its time to face the past, it will surface. Your mind is telling you "it's time"...and "I am ready"

Peace be the journey

I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
healingmychild replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
I really like how you have put this respond to TNmist its so real. Its not easy coming to this site but when something deep inside starts telling you its time you find the way to this help.
~I am entitled to my own truth.~
There's more than anger,more than sadness,more than terror.There's Hope ~Edith Horning

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