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Pedifile or rude old man
wallflower posted:
Was at the park this week and an older man comes and sits at the picnic table next to ours. I noticed he was looking at the children playing. He had no food or beverage just sitting at the picnic table staring. The old man approach my daughter at the park, accusing her of stealing city water at the drinking fountain. His broad figure blocked my daughter from my view, as soon as I realized she was frozen I called for her to come see me. When she came to me she told me he had crusted blood on his face and he was uncomfortably close... I turned to see where he bad gone and watched as someone gave him a red sweatshirt to tie around his waste. The more I thought about it I got upset.
So I got up and ran after him . I confronted him politely and asked him to never speak my daughter, that strange men should never speak to little girls at a park. That I am her parent and he should speak to me. He replied he was just trying to get a drink of water. Which was a lie because there were two drinking fountains and she was using the child sized one. I think he was a pervert waiting to make his move. What do you think?
slik_kitty responded:
it's better to be safe than sorry. you did right in protecting your daughter.
You are NEVER in the wrong protecting your child.
I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
13th_Panther responded:
You are never in the wrong for protecting your Kids .
YanPan responded:
Sounds creepy. You did the right thing.
bluerose90 responded:
Hey wallflower,

I have to say that that is one creepy guy! I think you did the right thing. You were protecting your daughter! Even if he got upset and complained to someone about it, I'm pretty sure that any sane/logical person would take your side.


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