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    az330 posted:
    Just checking in. Pretty wiped out. One minute at a time.
    bluerose90 responded:
    Hey AZ, I'm glad to hear from you.

    Take things slow and be good to yourself. Let yourself rest.

    tnmist responded:
    So glad you did. Tucking you in our pink blanket and wishing sweet dreams for you tonight. Hope you get some rest.

    az330 replied to tnmist's response:
    Feeling sick. On top of it I think im getting a cold. This is the worst time to get one. Im congested, pressure in my head, my throat hurts and I have a fever....and I have no immune system to fight it off! Just my freakin luck. Im so angry today. I dont know if I have the energy to call the dr.
    bluerose90 replied to az330's response:
    I'm so sorry AZ. Please try to give the doctor a call so they might be able to give you a script or some idea's to help.

    If you have any lemon's or limes in the house try to make a cup of hot water and put about half a lemon and a teaspoon or two of honey in it. That can help a lot with colds and congestion. If I was there I would make you some chicken soup from scratch.

    Please take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.

    tnmist replied to az330's response:
    I'm so sorry, AZ!! You def don't need that. I do the same thing Rose suggested - heat up some water and add lemon and honey. It soothes my throat and is oddly comforting. I also frequently use saline spray to help clear my sinuses (can use as often as you like). Staying hydrated and getting rest is very important when combating illness or just to keep from getting ill. If you aren't too nauseated, try pushing the water.

    Sure hope you can call your doctor and maybe they can prescribe something to make this go away faster. 'Ya never know.

    I know your immune system is down, so not sure if additional tips will help, and you didn't ask, ha, but here they are anyway:

    * I take vitamin D3 every day to help combat depression and it also boosts the immune system.
    * I pop extra vitamin C when I even think I may be getting something.
    * I will also take something called Oscillococcinum (comes in an orange and white box and are little vials of "pellets" I let melt in my mouth) if I think I may be coming down with something (in cold and flu section). That one only works in the early stages.
    * I also now use "Emergen-C" which has been very helpful.

    But, honestly, it's the extra rest and hydration that will probably do the most good.

    Hope you feel better very soon. Sending healing thoughts your way!


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