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    I dont know what love feels like
    An_251465 posted:
    So me and my boyfriend are dating we have come to an impasse and He feels that I don't love him but I really do I don't know how to express myself around him and I just feel like I'm numb to love since I've had problems with being angry all the time
    lovely_lemon_tree responded:
    Sometimes it's really hard to express ourselves if we have a history of trauma. We become scared and withdraw when in a relationship and sometimes it can destroy those relationships. Have you spoken to your boyfriend about your past and your trouble relating to him?
    We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
    bluerose90 responded:
    I'm sorry hun. Like LLT said I think it's a common problem among survivors. I know I have a very difficult time expressing my emotions... especially love. If you think you're ready too, maybe you should talk to him about it. Try to help him understand where you're coming from.

    *offers a cup of hot coca*
    (((hugs if okay)))

    Where there is shadow, there is light.
    tnmist responded:
    Hi, there. I'm listening/lurking and nearby. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I'm the last one to talk about relationships and (gulp) l-o-v-e. Have you ever been in therapy? I have found some wonderful help with all sorts of things through therapy over the years off and on, and finding someone you connect with doesn't always happen the first time, but it's worth seeking out someone to work with you on things.

    Let us know how you are doing...This is a good group here. Sometimes it can be a quiet group as we deal with our various issues and stay safe, but even when I hear crickets, I still love this group.


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