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Quiet out there.
tnmist posted:
I think I hear crickets...Just wanted to write a little note. Am thinking healing thoughts toward everyone. Hope folks are staying safe and taking care of themselves. This has been a long day, for some reason, and I'm looking forward to my weekend (Fri/Sat).

I don't have anything special to say. I just want to wave hello at everyone.

AZ - don't forget to let us know when your last chemotherapy is done! We need a party around here. Can't wait.

Rose - A friend of mine recently was recommended L-Tryptophan (sp?) by her doctor for sleep, and you really have to watch what brand to get an honest amount, but she swears by it!

Peace to all.

bluerose90 responded:
Hey Misty, *waves back*

Thanks for the info I'll look it up. Maybe I could find some around here.

I was trying to think of a "distraction action" post earlier today but I couldn't come up with anything. LOL I hope you get to relax some this weekend! Those long days wear a person out.

I totally agree that we need to have a party for AZ's last treatment!!! What do you think AZ? After you've had some time to get through the side effects and feel better I think a party would be great!

I've had one of those long days today too so I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight. Just got home a few minutes ago and my tummy is rumbling so I think I'm going to go to the kitchen and rummage around for dinner. I hope everyone's doing okay and staying safe. (((hugs)))

Where there is shadow, there is light.
tnmist replied to bluerose90's response:
Ya, I didn't worry about having a distraction action this week, either. We will do one next week. I was going to try to mow a little bit in the backyard before the rain hits this weekend, but I'm feeling a bit nauseous today. Not sure why, but I'm going to go lie down now. I still have a couple of things to do today, but mowing can't be one of them, I'm afraid.

I saw my T this morning, and I'm glad. He is so good at validating me. I would think he would get tired of it, but he doesn't, and I would think I wouldn't continue to need it, but I really do. I'm so glad he is patient.


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