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    Sure is quiet here
    tnmist posted:
    How is everyone doing?? Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and hopefully getting some decent weather and can enjoy a little springtime. I just wanted to say hello and encourage folks to check in if possible.

    I don't have anything great or dismal to report, so I guess that's a good thing. I just finished 2-1/2 hours of mowing, and I am BEAT. My back is hurting me, but I'll be okay by morning. I took a 10-min break when my push mower ran out of gas. I drank a bunch more water, put a cold, wet dish towel behind my neck for a few minutes, then I gassed up the mower and kept going. See? Nothing exciting in my world, but that's a good thing!

    I'm hoping to relax with a book tomorrow afternoon. (Fridays and Saturdays are my "weekend.") Also hoping to see a friend tomorrow evening, but it's okay if that doesn't happen.

    I saw my PCP today, and I got a 'script for Wellbutrin. I caved and decided I needed some help for the depression. Despite it being spring and doing outdoor work, the depression hangs on. I used to take it for many years, and it wasn't working AS well towards the end, but it's been about a year now since I've taken it, so I'm hoping it will work okay again.

    My PCP was asking me some questions related to depression. I'm sure he was just making sure I wasn't suicidal. He asked me if I had any relationship problems. Almost laughed at that one. WHAT relationships??? My family relationships are the best they are going to be, and it's not terrible; I just don't confide deep stuff. I live alone with a couple of pets and for now prefer it that way (shrugs shoulders), and I'm okay with my current friends, etc.

    I mean, there was a super close friend that ditched me over a year ago, and that still hurts, but I can't do anything more about it. It's a long story; I'll spare you the details. I sure never saw that coming, but there isn't anything more I can do, and I'm not going to stalk her, ha. I miss her kids, too, though. They were like nieces to me. I knew them their whole lives, and one will graduate high school next year. Sigh.

    He asked about "relationships," and it got me to thinking, I guess.

    Well, I've RAMBLED on long enough...Hope everyone has a good weekend. Stay safe and keep on that healing journey!

    bluerose90 responded:
  • waves* I'm here. Just being quiet.

    Where there is shadow, there is light.
    lovely_lemon_tree replied to bluerose90's response:
    Here... also being quiet. Have been going to IOP here during weekdays so I'm very tired. Also, I just had a very trying experience with Delta Airlines (surprise, surprise) and I have HAD IT with helping people and dealing with them.

    Savannah is here with me. (meow) She is meowing desperately at my windchime.
    We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
    bluerose90 replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
    I've had issues with Delta before too LLT. LOL They can sure make things interesting. *waves at Savannah and meow's back*

    Foxy just jumped on my back and I just about threw my laptop. LOL I'm jumpy.
    Where there is shadow, there is light.
    tnmist replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
    I'm unfamiliar with what "IOP" is, but I hope it is helping. Something outpatient? I'm glad you have Savannah. I saw a picture of her in another community, and she is a beauty!!

    I know what you mean about being tired of the whole people scene! I can only take so much of people in general, and then I just have to have my alone time. I was with people all morning, in a good way, but still with people, so now I'm ready to relax alone for a bit. My dog is busy chomping on some ice cubes. It's too funny. He used to never touch the things, but then I froze some flavored with bullion cubes, and now he will eat plain ones. Cheap treats, and I have a friend who swore they helped her dogs teeth/gums.

    I just have to say a little something about Delta, not to say people can have bad experiences, but let me share this. I have some very good friends who are about my age, just a couple years older, and the husband worked for Delta. They took a family vacation a couple of years ago out west. Tragedy struck, and in the process of saving their 10-year-old son who was swept down a river, the husband disappeared. It was about a week before they recovered the body. The boy was saved, but my good friend didn't make it, and he used to be a lifeguard "back in the day."

    Well, the whole time there were search parties and all, Delta paid for food and accommodations and treated the family like royalty. Of course, the body was flown back to GA, and there was a good representation from Delta at the memorial. He worked for Delta for many years in an office position, but he wasn't an executive or anything like that. I could never remember exactly what, but I was very touched by that. The memorial service for my friend, who was in his upper 40s, was held in a gymnasium and it was PACKED. He was just a very good guy, and obviously well liked.

    I guess there is good and bad in most companies. My mom was in the hospital recently, and my sister was reluctant to take her back to that one because of the way she was treated before, but THIS time, in a different wing, she was treated much, much better, and my sister was very relieved to say the least.

    It is overcast here today, and there has been a little bit of rain so far. I think more is coming. I love days like this because they generally match my mood.

    I hope you get some rest this weekend. Good to hear from you!


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