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    az330 posted:
    The title says it all... I feel like breaking everything in my house. Yell screaming every obsenity i know . No words to describe whats going on.
    slik_kitty responded:
    tnmist responded:
    I've done plate smashing before...I got some plates from someplace super cheap, and I have a space in my storage room (off the laundry room) where I have smashed plates. The walls are cement, so it works well. Sometimes it's hard to start, but once I start it feels pretty good. I even have some Sharpies and write on the plates like the perp's name or what's been stolen from me (innocence, sense of self-respect, etc.). I even bought some safety goggles (cheap), but I found that I really didn't need them.

    I probably need to do it again...I have some plates left over. Sigh.

    Usually loud noises and things bother me, and I can't really explain it, but this was rather cathartic.

    Or try beating your pillow with a broom handle or something.

    Nothing wrong with expressing some anger, as long as you don't hurt yourself, others, or pets, etc. You know? Good way to expend some that feeling that makes you just want to scream. I've often wish I had someplace to just scream and scream without anyone becoming alarmed. Haven't found a place to do that yet. Screaming into a pillow doesn't really work that well for me, but it helps a little.

    Every day begins with an act of courage and hope: Getting out of bed. - Mason Cooley

    bluerose90 responded:
    Hey AZ,

    (((Big Hugs))) I hope you feel a little better today. Like Misty already said it's okay and good to find ways to express your anger in safe ways. I haven't broken plates before but I've done the pillow beating.

    Please be gentle with yourself and take care.(((hugs)))

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